After seven years of serving the Mid Atlantic as a boutique post production company, MadBox has expanded their services, and is now full service turnkey production company. Already known in the industry for providing world class post production to their TV, advertising, and feature film clients, MadBox saw the market’s need for a boutique creative production company with a focus on quality work who partner with wonderful teams of local artists and collaborators. This expansion of services allows the MadBox team to step in at the beginning stages of production and walk a project all the way through completion and delivery, offering another “turnkey” alternative.

“It only made sense with our past production experience and our drive to be as creatively involved with the entire process as possible,” says partner/executive producer Macy West.

Chris Williams adds, “We felt that our skills were a great added value to our clients in those areas. By having a strong understanding of the entire process we can make sure costs are put to the best use possible to produce quality work.”

This is an industry trend that seems to be happening in every market. As agencies and advertisers begin to bring content creation and post production in house, the need for small operations like MadBox to adapt in order to offer better value to their clients grows. But it takes expertise in the production field in order to maximize that value.

“We are creative first, profit second. If we were driven by profits and financial success we would have gotten into banking,” jokes Williams, “But the entire team at MadBox comes from a filmmaking, writing or theater backgrounds, and we decided that we were most happy helping create compelling stories, not just pushing buttons.”

MadBox was founded by director/editors Matt West and Chris Allen Williams after their work together on the feature film Border Town, produced and directed by Williams and edited by Matt West. At that time Chris was also working as an award winning freelance producer and editor for commercial work, but a few years later he hung up his producer cap to focus on expanding he and Matt’s directing career, and grow MadBox into a respected post production company. That same year MadBox moved into a small edit suite in the 9WG Studios building, and within 5 years, renovated and occupied the second floor to accommodate the post production business growth.

In 2013, MadBox added Macy West to the team. Macy’s background was in commercial production producing for clients like GMAC, Baltimore Tourism, Genworth, Virginia Lottery, Gatlinburg Tourism, etc. She is known as a well respected and experienced producer in the Mid-Atlantic market and when it came time to fill a position at MadBox as a post producer, she was the most qualified. Her impact on the efficiency and quality of the work was immediate, allowing MadBox to free up resources, hire additional motion graphics support and eventually help finish expanding the team and edit suites to insure that no clients would get turned away.

“Her background in production, and the fact that I have produced along side Macy on large shoots, made this transition easier,” adds Chris. “Our bar is always very high, and after eight years of working alongside her, she definitely helps raise it on every project.”

Current clients were very excited for this change. Within two months of beginning the transition, MadBox was awarded the production and post for one of the largest Virginia Lottery Campaigns in recent years.  The production was led by Macy and the benefit of having directors Matt West and Chris Williams involved creatively from the very beginning was immediate. This production put their evolution on a fast track, having to expand it’s operations, reconnect with vendors, and create a production pipeline that could handle the upcoming week long shoot. MadBox found it very easy to adapt, having served in the past as consultants to many others in how to set up and establish successful production and post operations.

MadBox also hopes that this new direction helps it ease into more collaborative partnerships further Southeast where a recent Charlotte satellite office has helped introduce MadBox to a new market that is reliant on more turnkey vendors. 

With this change also comes a new website and web address located at :

More About MadBox
MadBox is a boutique content studio providing services to advertising companies, motion pictures and television. MadBox maintains a roster of directors, producers, DP’s, editors, motion graphics/vfx artists and colorist to handle any creative production our clients may need. Our clients include: The Martin Agency, Walmart, VCU, Allstate, Virginia Lottery, JWT, and Ogilvy. (full list of clients available by request)

MadBox was founded in 2009 by director/editors and longtime collaborators, Chris Allen Williams and Matt West. MadBox is currently owned by Chris Williams, Matt West, and Macy West.