SF-based branding studio Teak recently teamed up with Luma to launch its groundbreaking product and recent winner of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show’s Innovation & Design Award: a Wi-Fi router that brings better, faster internet at home using mesh networking. Teak partnered with Luma early-on to develop the brand identity, photography, packaging and the website. Teak drew inspiration from the simple and beautiful hexagon form factor of the device, utilizing that throughout the identity.

Teak helped Luma differentiate and communicate the clear advantages of the router in the growing category of Wi-Fi devices that are being created to solve some of the problems consumers have with wireless internet in their homes.

“As a new product in a rapidly growing category, we focused on exploring how to create a brand that felt useful and relevant to people while getting them to understand what makes it better than what they have now,” said Paul Rogers, Design Director at Teak.

Luma is the latest addition in the category but unlike its competitors, Luma has created a platform to provide IT services to the consumer through an easy to use app that acts as a remote control for the internet.

Luma was created by Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse. Paul and Mike have worked together for 15 years solving complex networking and security problems for the largest companies in the world.

With the rise of the connected home, people are using more devices than ever. Home WiFi networks now need to be able to keep every one of them running and fully secure. Mike, Paul, and the team decided to use their expertise to create the perfect, personalized WiFi network for everyone.

On that day, Luma was born. Since then, the mission has been the same: To create the fastest, simplest, most secure, and most reliable home network that’s equipped for the technology of today, and tomorrow. https://getluma.com/