Timberland’s new brand spot marks the reunion of agency YARD with director Paul Minor and Lucky Post editor Logan Hefflefinger. The launch of the "Made For The Modern Trail" campaign is a sun-streaked slice of visual momentum and inspired productivity, which is driven by Jamie N. Commons infectious blues-rock song "Marathon" and features cameos by the popular performer as well as his producer Alex Da Kid.

The project is the ideal match for Paul and Logan, who both launched their respective careers, and professional collaboration, in music videos. To tell this brand story, they began with the track, giving dynamism to the piece with ambient nuances and creating space with the audio editing. Sound and visuals then came together with delicate touches that provide vitality and a subconscious energy to the toe-tapping spot.

“The Timberland creative is modern and soulful. I always love working with Paul and this is where we are at our best, when music is a major part of the project,” says Logan.

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