For years, Jack has been the boss at Jack in the Box. Now, he’s ditching his suit and tie and mounting his vintage motorcycle to find better. He’s determined and inspired to create something legendary. It’s with this New Buttery Jack™ Burger that Lucky 21 director Tom Ryan came in to this picture. Tom Ryan’s expertise is making food a visual hero. In the case of this new spot, the challenge was to film the signature new burger so that it would integrate deliciously into the spot’s narrative, directed by Owen Trevor, where Jack discovers a cowboy in the middle of nowhere cooking away.

“The key was to make the food look like a seamless part of the story and also stand out as the new offering by Jack in the Box,” explains Director Ryan. “The agency had a clear and clever direction on how to achieve this integration. We were very much aligned in our view of how to create the look to showcase the Buttery Jack. This unified approach, and their strong vision for the overall spot, made it a terrific process to be a part of.”

This is the story of how the new Buttery Jack™ came to be, both on screen and behind the scenes.