Life as a gay man has changed dramatically over the last five decades – from hiding in the closet, to “free love” and never-ending White Parties, to the AIDS epidemic, to marriage equality.   Best Day Ever, directed by Jeff London, powerfully illustrates the unexpected fall-out of these upheavals, namely, a lack of stable, well-adjusted, middle-aged role models, and thus, a roadmap through middle-age.  David (Mel England), an independent filmmaker, is about to turn fifty years old and is uncertain if he is entering his “third act” with as much grace and success as he thinks he should.  His boyfriend, Greg (Nate Moore), only adds to his anxiety, instead of lessening it, by pressuring him to “get a real job,” and stop living in a fantasy world – and eating comfort food.  The only support he finds comes from his best friend, James (Peter Stickles), who advises David to cut the boyfriend loose and meet his cousin, Shane (Tom Saporito), who he believes is a better match.  The stumbling block for David is that Shane is 15 years younger – and that just might be a deal-breaker.  Ace Lundon, the unofficial older-and-wiser patriarch of their urban family, carefully guides David through his personal and professional coming-of-middle-age odyssey.

Best Day Ever is extraordinary in its scope and depth as it raises the important and unprecedented questions facing all aging gay men (and straight men, for that matter):  How do I grow old gracefully?  How do I find happiness?  How do I define success?  Is age just a number?  Should we get married?  All questions that are more difficult to answer as a gay middle-aged man because this generation is the first generation of gay men living with the unprecedented possibility of attaining The American Dream.  Co-Writer and director, London, based this screenplay on his own personal story of finding love and happiness with a younger man, co-writer James Steven Handshoe.  Their personal story, reflected in Best Day Ever, is a story that will only become more important and impactful as acceptance becomes commonplace throughout our country and the world.

Best Day Ever is produced by Radioactive Cactus Entertainment in association with Hemet Productions and distributed by Radioactive Cactus and TLA Video.  Directed by Jeff London, Executive Producer Paul F. Burchett, written and produced by Jeff London and James Steven Handshoe, Associate Producers are Kathlene Ball, Timothy Dam, Curtis Gropp, Jay Hopkins and Sue Vaccaro, starring Mel England, Tom Saporito, Peter Stickles, Nate Moore and Ace Lundon.

“Best Day Ever” Los Angeles Premiere Details
When: December 3rd, 2014 at 7:30pm PT
Where: Laemmle Music Hall Theatre 9036 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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