Cannes-thirty AM, June 18, 2015 -- A pool party. Some wine, most likely a nice rose. Music blaring from a speaker system that is...floating in the water. Other than the last bit - and perhaps the impossibly beautiful young people - this new Monster campaign sounds like a typical party in Cannes, which is what most ad bizzers, even the ones who aren’t going, have on their minds as this weekend approaches.

Of course, the floating speaker is what the scene is really about. The scene described above is part of an image campaign for the SuperStar™ BackFloat™ waterproof Bluetooth speaker that literally floats on water. Right in their element as a micro-agency + production company, bicoastal Little Red Robot teamed up with Monster Products on the campaign, which is gaining traction on Instragram (#backfloat), Twitter, and via a large media buy on Youtube PreRoll TrueView ads.

Monster approached Little Red Robot seeking a partner who could help capture the product in a GenX/GenY-marketed campaign. Little Red Robot's Seth Shukovsky directed the two spots - “Party Like a Monster” and “Summer Office” - and shot the photography assets used in the marketing campaign. LRR worked closely with Monster's Head of Content Marketing, Gabriella Gomez, and BackFloat’s Product Manager, Erik Kiner, to determine the campaign concept and execution. “Working with Little Red Robot was a great experience,” says Gomez. “From the very first conversation with LRR it was apparent that not only did they understand the vision -  they were taking the vision to the next level. They nailed it."

The campaign has a youthful, summer vibe that evokes Ibiza, Coachella, and, yes, Cannes. “Imagine you were going to Leonardo DiCaprio’s VIP invite-only mansion party happening during Coachella," says Shukovsky, who, with his team at LRR, cast over 25 models and acquired an ideal location in California that had an Olympic-size infinity pool, 20-person hot tub, private beach and even a lake with a water slide. “This was not an Olympic-size project with a bottomless budget,” the director stresses. “We’re Little Red Robot and our M.O. is to go big every time out, no matter how modest the budget. We do more with less.” Monster’s Gomez concurs, saying, “The value LRR brought to the table, combined with the quality of what they delivered, was amazing.”

For the shoot, LRR threw a party at the mansion with their great ensemble and filmed it in 4k. Additional support was provided via drone, and the crew outfitted a BackFloat with an HD GroPro for some amazing underwater footage that was always facing the product. DP Petr Stepanek also brought in an underwater housing for the Sony F55 to capture the scenes of the pool party in all of their sunny California glory in Slow Mo at 240FPS. Still and video assets were shot simultaneously in a single 10-hour shoot day from sunrise to just after sunset, when the campfire scenes were filmed.

Get into summer party mode by checking out these magical little spots, and get your BackFloat waterproof bluetooth speakers before you take a dive at The Blue Marlin in Ibiza or hit La Plage Goeland in Cannes!

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