Little Red Robot’s New York office has shipped 4 new spots for Motorola created via DigitasLBi North America. In June, LLR - a micro agency + production company headquartered in San Francisco - expanded its operations, opening a full-service outpost in New York, with industry veteran Lee Scharfstein as NY EP/Director of Production. DigitasLBi North America Head of Production Heather Mahoney met with the LRR team, which presented the full range of its capabilities and the directing portfolio of LRR’s “El Capitan,” Founder/CD Seth Shukovsky. “We wanted Heather to get a sense of our knack for collaborating with agencies to help tailor creative that’s both high-end and on budget,” said Scharfstein. He added that Little Red Robot won the assignment, in part, “because we demonstrated how seamless it would be to work with us from concept through editorial/post.” The four Motorola :15’s are currently running across social media (Instagram and Facebook), and as YouTube pre-roll ads, with broadcast exposure possible for Mexico and Brazil.
As directed by Shukovsky, each spot uses distinct touches to convey the story, from splashes of color or a perfectly timed gesture, to artfully edited time lapse cinematography or a look of horror captured perfectly in slow mo. Taken together, these demonstrate the stylistic and practical benefits of the Moto X and Moto G models. “LRR worked hand in hand with team at the agency to figure out how far we could take the creative, given the budget and timeline,” Shukovsky said. “We were invited to participate in the creative pitch to Motorola, then jumped into battle together working collaboratively throughout production and post.”
“Matching My Mood” depicts a guy and girl meeting at a traffic stop, noticing that they’ve each chosen the same yellow theme for their clothes and Moto G cases. “We had to find wardrobe that would match the exact Motorola manufacturing colors and after exhausting shopping options we actually had our wardrobe department achieve the looks by brute force,” Shukovsky mused. "They actually had to dye her jean jacket and spray-paint her shoes to match the correct hues." In addition to its eye-catching color scheme, the spot relies heavily on the actors to communicate the playful side of life.
The couple next meets in a “Coffee Shop” on a first date. There’s anticipation and pensiveness in the eyes of our female lead, but not to worry: the couple has great chemistry, and again their shared taste in phones is apparent. Featured in this spot is the Moto X Play, which has more storage space and a faster processor than its sister model, Moto G.
Our couple spends “The Weekend In”, and over the course of 20 different setups, our guy’s Moto X Play remains in focus, unplugged, on a table in the forefront of the action. The couple’s weekend activities play out in the background. When he finally does grab his phone to go out on Sunday morning, it still has a full charge, which speaks to the highly rated battery life of the Moto X Play.
We’ve all made “The OH Face” with regard to smartphone mishaps. This spot is all about that “Oh s@#*!” moment. In addition to casting the leads from the previous three spots, LRR assembled an appealing cast from their own network of characters. “This spot was so much fun”, Shukovsky said, “and a clever way of letting consumers know that the Moto G is designed to withstand submersion in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes!”
"It was a very aggressive and energetic timeline,” said Shukovsky of the post process. “We shot Tuesday and Wednesday. By the time we went into the edit suite at LRR on Thursday, our editor already had rough cuts from the first day; by end of day, all four spots were in rough cut form for the client. Additionally, we had the resources at Little Red Robot to serve the story by providing complex roto and paint and compositing on dozens of shots in just a couple days.”

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