Brewster Parsons founder and executive producer Darcy Parsons, executive producer Sybil McCarthy and their colleagues at the A-level VFX studio are very proud to announce their new relationship with commercial production veteran Kevin Batten and Pop-Arts Management, his management and production-consulting firm.  Effective immediately, Batten and Pop-Arts are now representing Brewster Parsons on the U.S. West Coast. 
"Sybil and I were unanimous in our decision to partner with Kevin Batten for West Coast representation," Parsons began.  "We love his incredible taste and deep relationships obviously… and then his intimate knowledge of design and visual effects was the clincher.  He is loved and respected by everyone we know in the advertising community and his enthusiasm and sense of purpose has inspired us all."
According to McCarthy, all parties anticipate this relationship going well beyond traditional sales representation. "In these dynamic times, Kevin brings a necessary strategic sensibility that is not easily quantifiable," she explained. "His approach to sales comes from rich experience and personal intelligence as well as a deep network of resources.  Simply put, Kevin delivers the goods!  And beyond that, he's extremely fun, and truly a joy to talk with about the business we all know and love."
Based in Los Angeles, Pop-Arts is designed to offer advertising agencies and brands multi-disciplinary talent and the ability to package projects end-to-end.  Originally attracted by Parsons' solid, far-reaching personal reputation and Simon Brewster's renowned visual effects expertise, Batten expressed his high regard for the Brewster Parsons principals as creative collaborators who really do put their clients' interests first.  "Personally, I think that Simon Brewster represents the highest level of quality in the visual effects industry.  And while the economic climate has forced the industry to cut costs in all areas, Brewster Parsons continues to put every dollar they are paid for their expertise and creativity onto the screen, in ways that are extremely collaborative and ‘simple by design,'" he said.
Batten continued, "I am excited to continue the evolution and my education about this niche of the industry alongside the leaders of Brewster Parsons."
Brewster Parsons is represented in the U.S. Midwest by Janice Wagdy and Jim Robison of Janice + Jim.
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About Brewster Parsons
Founded in 2007, Brewster Parsons is a premium post-production facility specializing in photorealistic visual effects and design. Comprised of award-winning artists who are committed to delivering innovative work that is groundbreaking, beautiful, and relevant, the Brewster Parsons team offers an exceptional background that encompasses all aspects of advertising, editorial, content development, and visual effects. With signature warmth and hospitality, Brewster Parsons places the utmost value on relationships with its clients and artists. The studio is located on the fashionable Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California. For more information, please call 1.310.736.1663 or visit