Havas Worldwide enlists Knucklehead director Rob Leggatt to unveil VO5’s latest line of men’s hairstyling products with a stunning new set of ads that work in sync to tell a revolutionary story of hair-spiration.
Set in historic South America, the campaign films are made up of pairs of 60” Cinema Commercials, 30” TVC’s and 20” VOD cut-downs, and play out as a clever Sliding Doors-style narrative between a General and a Peasant whose lives intertwine in a chance crossing.
Politics and bad hair don’t always go hand in hand, and Leggatt proves it in the spot “Peasant,” when a young man finds his calling after sprucing up his mop with VO5’s Casual Control Rough it Up Putty.  Evita has nothing on this be-coiffed firebrand, who cleans up nicely and gets the locals in a tizzy with his perfect pompadour.
The tandem spot “General,” sees one uniformed fellow realize the power to change his destiny is in his own hands. An image overhaul is orchestrated with the help of V05’s Thicken Up Lifting Paste, and the one-time General is reincarnated as a guitar-slinging tousled-hair musician.
Leggatt’s lush cinematic visuals perfectly complement the light-hearted tone of the spots, culminating in a cohesive tale that exudes rustic charm.

About Knucklehead
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Watch “Peasant” Here: https://vimeo.com/130536265