In the new spot for Skechers “County Fair,” directed by kaboom’s erik moe, Skechers Relaxed Fit® representative Joe Montana cleans out a carload of prizes in football toss game after being taunted by a funfair worker in front of his daughter Lizzie. “Go get him, dad,” encourages Lizzie. And indeed he does.

“It was a fun experience working with my daughter on set and I think people will love how the finished campaign turned out,” says Montana.

Fondly recalling the shoot on the Santa Monica Pier, director eric moe recounts, “This was my third time as a copywriter or director working with Joe Montana. And whether it's attaching diodes and robotic arms to him for Sega, or having him sling hash at Joe's Diner for the NFL Network, the guy is always a pleasure to be around. Genuine and unaffected, kind to everyone on the set, you sometimes have to remind yourself he is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, because he sure won't. Lizzie was as good under pressure as her father. It was a great day at the pier.”