ITVFest, the original Independent Television and Film Festival, has announced the 2016 award winners.  Four hundred and sixty-seven submissions were received from across the globe for the 99 official selection slots which were screened October 5-9 in West Dover, VT.  More than 1200 content creators and industry executives attended the 11th annual festival.  Eighteen awards were presented, in a variety of categories including comedy, drama, acting, cinematography, directing, editing, writing and more.

The award for Best of ITVFest went to Doomsday, a surreal episodic drama that follows the daily lives of the dozen residents of a millennial commune in Upstate New York.  Created by Sonja O’Hara, the drama is half present action, inching toward Doomsday/half flashback to reveal who this person is and why/how they joined this cult.  Karin Agstam was selected as Best Actress, Drama for her role in the film. 

The Best TV Drama award went to Lifelines, the story of Reggie Timmons, a Chicago paramedic who lost control of his own timeline and needs to decide which version of himself he's going to be. The show was created, produced and directed by Monnie Aleahmad, who was also selected as Best Actor, Drama.

The Best TV comedy award went to Truth Slash Fiction, an irreverent dramedy that follows 16-year-old Emma Jacobs as she navigates the indignities of adolescence.  The comedy was created by Charlie Sohne and directed by Daniel Schloss.  Jordyn DiNatale was recognized as Best Actress, Comedy for her role in the show.

The Best Documentary award went to Raising Ms. President.  Directed by Kiley Lane Parker, the documentary explores why young women are not running for political office and how we can change that.   The Best Short Film award went to How'd I Get In This Field?, foowing Charlie as he wakes up in a field the morning after a wedding in the foreign (to him) state of Arizona.   The Best TV Short Comedy award recognized K&A Gay Camp, which follows Karly and Alex, as their dysfunctional, co-dependent, drinking, and drug taking friendship impedes them from ever finding someone special in their lives besides each other.  The Best TV Short Drama award went to People Like Us, which follows the lives of four gay men in Singapore as they navigate lust, love, and life. The Best Reality Show went to Adam Celebrates, a series that follows Adam Schwartz as he attempts to celebrate the strange and obscure themed days of the year, no matter what it takes.

The Best Animation Award went to Superior Living.  The Best Editing Award was given to That’s My DJ and the show Red Bird was selected for the Best Cinematography AwardRussell Max Simon was the recipient of the Best Writing Award for his work on Districtland, Morgan Beck was selected as Best Actor, Comedy for his role in the TV comedy Brooke, and Deepak Chetty received the award as Best Director for his work in the TV drama Hard Reset.   

“I want to congratulate all of the amazing artists and creators who screened shows at ITVFest in Vermont this past week. It’s easy to say this was the best collective display of independent episodic content anywhere in the world - combined with the most incredible energy and love for content creators that any of us have ever experienced,” said Philip Gilpin, Jr., executive director of ITVFest.  “I can’t wait to see where these shows and these amazing artists go from here. We are going to be working everyday on their behalf to ensure the world can share in the amazing experience we all just lived.”

The trailers for the award winners and all of the official selections are available on the ITVFest website at

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