“I have the best job in the world,” says Moroch Broadcast Producer Kathleen Torres. “Being able to work with creative people I know and love, like Scottie Richardson, and new (to me) talent like Logan Hefflefinger, is what makes my job amazing.” Speaking about the new McDonald’s spot “Smart Money,” Kathleen, sound designer Scottie Richardson and Editor Logan Hefflefinger described the kind of seamless collaboration and realtime creative exchanges that came from agency & post working together in one space – Lucky Post.

Scottie Richardson has created sound and mixed many of McDonald’s commercials for Moroch over the years, and he and the agency have developed a shorthand enhanced by Richardson’s understanding of the brand signature notes and timing, as well as the agency’s creative and vision. “Smart Money,” expanded the creative team to involve Lucky Post editor Logan Hefflefinger with whom Torres had wanted to work for some time. “This was a longtime coming,” says Torres, “and when we could work with both Logan and Scottie in collaboration at Lucky Post we knew we were in great hands.”

As a crossover spot that would air in English & Spanish, "Smart Money’s" narrative is largely conveyed through physical action, sound and music rather than dialogue. While Logan built the edit, he and Scottie discussed a soundtrack that would both support the action and boost the quiet spaces in the spot. And then there’s the peacock – a cameo appearance that everyone fell in love with but whose presence had to be comped in from a different shot. No matter, it was well worth working for, a small detail with big results. Which could well be a metaphor for the project at large; where working in unison and proximity enabled everyone to work in concert, to focus on the subtle details and advocate for the best moments, whether seen or heard.

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