ZINGER! Creative is marking its 10th anniversary year with a stellar lineup of both entertainment industry and corporate clientele. The creative services marketing and brand advertising agency, which was founded by noted advertising industry executive Mike Rothenberg in Studio City, CA, in 2006, counts among its clients such notable companies as Universal Brand Development and Scholastic, along with such popular television series as "American Idol," "The Wendy Williams Show," "Family Feud" and "Celebrity Name Game," among many others.

Although ZINGER! handles consumer and trade campaigns equally, the agency prides itself as being one of very few, highly versatile shops in Los Angeles that has expertise in the creation of a full-spectrum of trade marketing materials - everything from sales reels, presentation decks, sell sheets, and digital marketing, to a broad array of additional collateral materials - all developed on a consumer-grade level.

"When we're given an opportunity with a potential new client, we never seek to solve all their problems right off the bat," ZINGER! Founder Rothenberg says. "Instead, we'll suggest that they allow us to tackle one area that has become problematic to them. This gives our potential new client a chance to understand how best we can work together - in addition to their receiving some creative solutions that perhaps they did not expect to see. Over time, we like to cultivate these new relationships, by learning more about all of our clients' marketing needs and tastes. People come to ZINGER! not only to instantly solve their creative problems, but also for our commitment to service, reliability and professionalism. We feel that ZINGER! is a special marketing resource, and as such, we feel like we are providing a unique service in an under-served market."

Regarding his agency's 10 year anniversary milestone, Rothenberg adds, "I realized that after years of creating and delivering customized advertising and marketing campaign materials, and trying to come up with what makes ZINGER! special, all the terms and phrases came out clichéd. The one thing we do realize is that ours is a highly competitive industry - and marking a point of differentiation presents some challenges. However, if I were to choose one facet of our agency that truly makes us stand out, it would be that we allocate all of our energy into perfecting the client experience. We provide agility, reliability and responsiveness, along with a very high level of creativity."

"We realize that most of our clients are juggling several projects at once and managing their teams up and down. We like to think of ourselves as presenting a seamless experience for each of them -- from the initial presentation all the way through to the final product - with a dash of clever thinking and unique ideas blended into the mix along the way," he concludes.

What ZINGER! Clients Say
One of ZINGER! Creative's entertainment clients, Mary Beth McAdaragh, a top Marketing & Affiliate Relations Executive for the television industry, says, "Mike and ZINGER! give you real hands-on attention and a lot of different creative options. Obviously, turn around time is very important in our industry, and they are always quick to respond to new assignments in a very timely manner. They're easy to work with and deliver strong creative. I've gone to them for key art and digital banners on behalf of several of my various clients who produce TV properties. ZINGER! has always been very helpful to me and to my clients."

Adds ZINGER! Corporate Client Mark Levin, CEO of C3 Entertainment, a VOIP services provider based in Van Nuys, CA, "When I wanted to create some intriguing marketing materials, I asked Mike at Zinger! to put some of our ideas to paper. His agency created several print brochures for us. Since we do a lot of networking for big projects, we wanted something to speak well to the contracting community as well as the IT community at the same time-we get biz from both industries. Zinger!'s stuff looked really great, Mike and his team are very easy to work with, and I was very happy with the whole process. A great collaborative effort."

C-3 USA is a licensed VOIP services provider and low voltage cable contractor and installer. The company provides installation services for Voice, Data, Audio/Video, and Low Voltage structured cable networks. The company's services are utilized by contractors, architects, building managers and end users. C-3 provides infrastructure and telephony services and equipment to Los Angeles County and all of Southern California. See: http://c-3usa.com/index.html

Founded in 2006 by advertising executive Mike Rothenberg, ZINGER! CREATIVE is a creative services marketing and branding agency serving entertainment and corporate brands.

ZINGER! recognizes that clients have a lot on their plate, typically juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines. The agency has developed a reputation by serving like-minded clients who expect a highly-responsive, real-time customer experience - where no detail is ever overlooked. ZINGER!'s unique and nimble work culture offers clients a humble approach to well-crafted work - from the initial presentation, through all the revisions, and on to final delivery.

ZINGER! Creative's slogan: We're with You. All. The. Way.

Please see: www.zingercreative.com and www.zingercreative.com/clients-about-us/ for more information.