The new Darien Sport Shop commercial from Ruben Latre at Hostage Films finds beauty in the magic of life’s quiet but powerful moments.

Originally from Barcelona, Ruben is known for bringing his unique visual approach to any genre. The Darien Sport Shop spots feature members of the local community at a sun-washed football practice, enjoying time with friends, and experiencing signature places within the Connecticut town that make it special.

Geri Corrigan, Director of Marketing and Branding at Darien Sport Shop noted, “For our 70th Anniversary, we wanted a distinct take, and a different point of view. Ruben Latre showcased that we are part of a wonderful community. He was able to reveal our heart, our friendships, and our humanity. As a company that prides itself on its historical place here, that was essential.”

“Ruben is a creative visionary and we feel fortunate to have been able to work so closely with him on this campaign,” agrees Gina Zangrillo, President of Darien Sport Shop.

For this project, Ruben served as the director/DP and was also responsible for the full post-production process.

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