The Dallas-based HM Productions, the video arm of creative agency Holmes Millet, is delighted to have had the opportunity to create another virtual voyage into another magical holiday wonderland for international law firm Haynes and Boone, LLP.
Using advanced 3D animation techniques, this season's production features the traditional Haynes and Boone holiday dove, and follows it's whimsical flight as it soars high above a bustling urban center, then loops and swoops down into a toy store window display where it turns an ordinary toy train set it into a magical winter wonderland.
The dove follows the toy train to a mountain tunnel, then peels off, flies over the hill, across a frozen pond and through a forest where it catches up with a train, swoops though a village, past a host of holiday revelers and soars into a happy home where the true spirit of the holidays is finally revealed. 
"We love unique animation techniques", says Haynes Boone Marketing/Creative Director Kathy Gutierrez, "So we set the team of highly skilled animator elves at HM to work building a winter wonderland to send as a holiday greeting to clients, friends and family. It is important to our firm that our holiday card express the warmth, beauty and magic of the holiday season, and we think it definitely succeeded!"
The team, lead by client side Marketing/Creative Director Kathy Gutierrez and Design Advisor Hazel Leung, and agency side animation, illustration, editing and design experts Lance Eckert, Joe Selnekovic, Dave Koss, Hollis Ervin and Jeff Millet, used advanced 3D animation techniques in Cinema 4D and Octane GPU rendering software along with compositing and particle effects done in Adobe After Effects to accomplish the magic. 
A custom designed particle system added sparkle and flair to the dove's flight and brought a glittery glow to the snowy fields and backgrounds. A jolly music composition makes the perfect accompaniment to this year’s fun holiday winter ride! 
So after literally hundreds of hours of elfin rendering, we invite one and all to sip some hot cider and enjoy all this holiday magic in a little less than 60 seconds of sheer, unbridled seasonal joy!  Happy Soaring!"