Hey Baby director Joris Debeij was named Best Emerging Cinematographer at the One Screen Awards last night. His short documentary portrait of rodeo pro Gary Leffew, “The Bull Rider,” was also shortlisted for One Screen Awards in the categories of Documentary and Emerging Directors.

Growing up watching films from John Huston and Sam Peckinpah, the West was as alluring to the filmmaker as it was to the pioneers of age old. To capture this present-day dynamic, Joris set out to make a film representative of the setting that celebrated the region’s history and embraced the Spartan, other-worldly backdrop. Intrigued by what it means to be a modern cowboy, Joris crossed paths with bull rider Gary Leffew, an old-school rodeo cowboy with a bountiful, no-nonsense philosophy on both life and sport and he naturally became the subject for the piece.

“I was haunted by this feeling that he represents an era that is slowly disappearing and becoming part of the region’s history,” explains Joris.

A genuine curiosity and fascination of people and cultures of all kind drives Joris’ natural penchant for nonfiction storytelling. Following a trip to Los Angeles in 2009, the young director chose to set roots in Southern California to explore its cultural conventions and dynamic sociological themes. He began filming short pieces that were detailed character studios on various cultures in the city, creating the online blog “I Am Los Angeles” as a showcase for the work.

One Screen is a short film festival dedicated to uniting the film and advertising worlds on one screen. One Screen is a division of The One Club, which is also responsible for The One Show, a prestigious awards show recognizing the best creative work in advertising, interactive, design and branded entertainment.

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