Heckler has produced an online and radio content spot for the Sydney-based 4 Pines Brewing Co. via Dentsu Australia.

The Battle of Kolsch, launched for the Brookvale brewery, was designed and directed by Sixty40’s Mark Simpson and plays upon the story of Kölsch beer’s beginnings with its inception in Cologne, Germany.

The campaign reflects a clever move by 4 Pines to get around the fact that you can't make Kölsch beer outside of Cologne. To do this, they simply remove the umlaut. Now they are free to make as much Kolsch as they like!

Dentsu Australia’s creative director Pete Ogden said it had been an enjoyable collaboration.

“It’s been refreshing to be allowed to have lots of fun at someone else’s expense – namely the brewers of Cologne,” he said. “It’s also been great keeping our relationship going with Heckler and Nylon, who once again have delivered above and beyond what was called for.”

The spot harks back to the style of wartime era newsreel films and includes a vintage style animation.

Director Mark Simpson said it needed to be funny and irreverent to capture the imagination of modern beer drinkers.

“We were able to squeeze in a burp-fart, of which I'm very proud,” he said. 

The 60 and 30 second spots were released today alongside print executions with sponsorship screenings starting at the Australian Museum, of which the 4 Pines Brewing Co. is a sponsor.