As the Awards Season begins to heat up, SHOOT is pleased to announce details of its 2014/2015 15-week "Road to Oscar" Series.  Launched in 2011, the annual series places a spotlight on the producers, directors, documentarians, cinematographers, editors, production designers, visual effects supervisors, composers and other artisans in the running for Academy Awards. 

SHOOT coverage will include the award season’s festival circuit (Toronto, Telluride, et al) and the awards competitions leading up to--and the implications they carry for--the Oscars (including the  ACE, ADG, ASC, CAS, CDG, DGA, SAG, VES and WGA Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards.)  We’ll talk to assorted artists and production execs, gaining insights into the challenges they faced on their Oscar-nominated films. Preview articles: assessments of Oscar prospects for nominees, as well as a look at trends in this year’s competition.

This season's series kicked off with a special Prequel on October 17th with Part 1 of the series following on November 14.   The series will run weekly - for 15 weeks - through the Academy Awards on February 22, 2015 appearing on all of SHOOT's digital and print platforms, including SHOOTonline (website with 40,000 unique visitors,) The SHOOT Dailies (daily email newsletter,) and The SHOOT>e.dition (weekly email newspub going to 28,000 opt-in subscribers every Friday.  Parts 5 and 11 of the series will also appear in SHOOT Magazine's December 12 and January 23 Issues and PDF versions of issue.  The final installment of the series will appear on SHOOTonline immediately following the Academy Awards on February 22nd covering the winners of the Academy Awards that are televised that evening.

In our Road To Oscar prequel and Part 1 of the series, cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth shed light on "Gone Girl" (Twentieth Century Fox), editors Stephen Mirrione and Douglas Crise on "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" (Fox Searchlight Pictures), editor William Goldenberg on "The Imitation Game" (The Weinstein Company) and editor Kirk Baxter on "Gone Girl." Upcoming installments --Parts 2, 3 & 4-- of The Road To Oscar  will feature cinematographers Dion Beebe from "Into the Woods" (Disney) and Dariusz Wolski from "Exodus: Gods and Kings" (Twentieth Century Fox), directors J.C. Chandor from "A Most Violent Year" (The Weinstein Company) and Jean-Marc Vallee from "Wild" (Fox Searchlight Pictures) and production designers Arthur Max from "Exodus: Gods and Kings" and Maria Djurkovic from "The Imitation Game."

And, here's a look at who we'll be covering in Part 5 on December 12....

Director David Fincher discusses "Gone Girl" (Twentieth Century Fox)
Director Richard Linklater reflects on "Boyhood" (IFC Films/Sundance Selects)
Director Rob Marshall talks about translating the Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical "Into the Woods" to the big screen. (Disney)
Director Ridley Scott reflects on the epic "Exodus: Gods and Kings" (Twentieth Century Fox) as well as a couple of his key collaborators on that film.
Director Mortem Tyldum shares backstory on "The Imitation Game" (The Weinstein Company)
Cinematographer Robert Yeoman reflects on "The Grand Budapest Hotel," (Twentieth Century Fox) the latest in his series of collaborations with director Wes Anderson.

2014/2015 Road to Oscar Series....

Prequel live here: Published Oct. 17  SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 1 live here: Published Nov. 14 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition

Part 2: Coming Nov. 21  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 3: Coming Nov.  28 SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 4: Coming Dec. 5  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 5: Coming Dec.  12   SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies & The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 6: Coming Dec.  19  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 7: Coming Dec. 26  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies,The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 8: Coming Jan.  2  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies,  The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 9: Coming Jan. 9  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 10: Coming Jan. 16  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 11: Coming Jan. 23 SHOOT Magazine & PDF version, SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 12: Coming Jan. 30  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 13: Coming Feb.  6   SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 14: Coming Feb. 13  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition
Part 15  Coming Feb. 22  SHOOTonline, SHOOT Dailies, The SHOOT>e.dition

Click Here to view current & past installments of SHOOT's "Road to Oscar" series
Check out a few installments of last Years 2013/2014 “Road to  Oscar” Series

Here are links to the digital versions that appeared on SHOOTonline and in The SHOOT>e.dition:

10/18/13 Road To Oscar: Backstories On 12 Years A Slave And Nebraska
(Cinematographer Sean Bobbitt, BSC, Reflects On Director Steve McQueen; Editor Kevin Tent, ACE, On Director Alexander Payne)

11/15/13 Road To Oscar: Reflections On The Long And Short Of It
(Insights into Saving Mr. Banks, Her, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Blackfish, The Crash Reel and Short Subject Doc. CaveDigger)

12/13/13 Road to Oscar, Part 3: Directors, DPs, Designers
(Reflections On American Hustle, Lone Survivor, Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, Nebraska)

1/24/14 Road to Oscar: Reflections On And By Nominees
(Stephen Frears, Joe Walker, Chris Sanders, Kirk DeMicco, Philippe Le Sourd, et al discuss their work and collaborators)

2/21/14 The Road to Oscar: Director, Editor and Production Designer POVs
(Martin Scorsese, Steve McQueen, David O. Russell, Jay Cassidy, Judy Becker, Jeffrey Karoff Discuss Their Films)

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