Geomedia, a Texas-based production and interactive studio worked on a recent campaign for SWBC highlighting the company’s spokespeople, Tony Parker and Becky Hammon. 
SWBC is a diversified financial services company that provides a wide range of financial services and risk management solutions to individuals, business, and financial institutions across the nation.
“SWBC is a large and reputable corporation. It’s always a great opportunity when we get to work on their projects... not to mention the wow factor of working with greats like Tony Parker and Becky Hammon,” Geomedia producer Chantel Nasits said. “I actually played a little one-on-one with Tony. I won’t say who won.”
The campaign, titled “Get Ready,” creates strong visual comparisons between the intense preparation regimens of Parker (a four time NBA champion with the San Antonio Spurs), Hammon (a Spurs assistant coach and the first female NBA coach) and the financial professionals of SWBC who work hard, tirelessly, and passionately for their clients. In addition, Geomedia shot full HD 360 video for a behind the scenes look at the production.
Dramatic shots of Tony Parker working on his game in the gym and Hammon diagramming plays and studying film are intercut with SWBC employees breaking down data, strategizing and meeting clients. Los Angeles based director, Steve Acevedo joined director of photography Zach Nasits to captured scenes that lend the entire campaign an appropriately cinematic air. 
Creative Director David Parker of Parker Creative commented, “The concept was designed to work on multiple levels. One: strongly convey to consumers that the people of SWBC work relentlessly to be ready to offer the highest level of financial services to their clients. And secondarily, to pay homage to those employees and say “Thanks” for their high level of dedication. They are truly the pros of their profession. The spots delivered on all levels.” 
“The spots intentionally feel larger than life. SWBC, Tony and Becky are all San Antonio icons that are also national names, so we worked to create imagery that aesthetically matched their stature,” Zach Nasits said. “We even threw in a few epic drone shots to show off the SWBC tower from a more picturesque angle.” 
The shoot took place over three days at various locations throughout San Antonio, including St. Mary’s University, Alamo City All­Stars Sportsplex, and the SWBC Tower.  80 percent of the crew on set was San Antonio­ based, supplementing additional personnel from the Austin crew-base. 
“There’s world-class production crew in Texas, and it’s appropriate that we were able to employ great people to help us accomplish this campaign,” Chantel Nasits said. “The parallels between SWBC and Tony and Becky extend behind the scenes ­- we also had top local talent doing amazing work on a national stage.” 
Parker Creative executed creative direction and copywriting. Post production editorial, color grading, and finish were performed by Geomedia. Musical score and audio production were performed by Jason Murgo with Murgo Music & Sound Design in San Antonio, TX. 
All three spots produced for the “Get Ready” campaign are available on Geomedia’s website, as well as the behind the scenes 360 video.
Geomedia is a multidisciplinary production studio that has been delivering award-winning, beautiful cutting-edge content to a variety of platforms for more than 18 years. Services include directors, cinematography and film production, post-production and finishing, 3D animation, visual effects, and interactive content including virtual reality & augmented reality development - all under one roof.