Three editors at bicoastal Union saw their work honored at last week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity: HelloFlo "First Moon Party" (aka “Faking It”), cut by Karen Kourtessis, won a Silver Lion in the Film category; taking a Bronze in Film was Taco Bell "Routine Republic," edited by Jim Haygood; and VW "Diesel Old Wive’s Tales," cut by Paul Plew, was shortlisted in Branded Content & Entertainment. Though diverse in style and tone, all three projects tickle the funny bone.

In addition to the Silver Lion at Cannes, "First Moon Party" (Hayden 5 Media) was a winner last month in the Comedy category at the 14th Annual AICE Awards and is a two-time Webbie honoree. Written and directed by Jamie McCelland and Pete Marquis, the 2:20 “First Moon Party” puts a hilarious spin on the notion of a daughter faking her “first lady’s days” - and the party her mom throws in response. It is the second in a series of comedy spots and clearly the breakout, garnering more than 32 million views on YouTube.

Turning its competition into a fast-food dystopian nightmare is "Routine Republic" (Deutsch LA) from Taco Bell. The piece was edited by Haygood, whose earlier collaborations with Deutsch include VW “The Force” (a Gold Lion winner that has become one of the most celebrated commercials of the 21st century). Under the direction of Arts & Sciences’ Michael Spiccia, “Routine Republic” envisions Mickey D’s as a piteous, Cold War-ish and boring society that inspires sadness and defection.

The Union-Deutsch-VW dynamic was on display at Cannes with this year’s “Diesel Old Wive’s Tales”, in which the classic joke receives a new and refreshing treatment as three old wives “get racy” in a Volkswagen with their charming young stunt driver. One of 6 turbo-diesel spots directed by Eric Schotz of LMNO, it was dynamically edited by Plew and topped off with visual effects and finishing provided by the artists at resolution LA. Posted on VW’s tumblr and promoted through its Facebook page, the spot topped 1,000,000 views when it launched, proving that “fuel efficient does not mean fun deficient”.

Let’s raise a glass of rose to the all the winners and toast another year of fun-filled campaigns from the editors at Union!

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