Faith Hope and BBQ,  the feature documentary from director Ernie Mosteller, of Ft. Lauderdale’s Fried Okra Entertainment, and editor Jeff Sternberger, of Miami’s 2150 Editorial, will make its debut broadcast run in October. PBS affiliate WEDU in Tampa will be the first to air the film, running in prime, late prime, late night, and daytime slots on the digital channel WEDU+.

“We’re happy the piece is going to air first here at home,” said director Mosteller. “It’s, an authentic portrait of genuine folks in rural small-town Florida, where I grew up. It got a great response at the Florida Movie Festival and WEDU+ is the first to pick it up. It might be an old-school notion, but we’re hoping for a good broadcast run around the state before it’s released for streaming.”

“It’s a character study,” says editor Sternberger. “We wanted the experience to be like sitting around with these folks, talking about life, waiting for barbecue to cook.  When it’s done, hopefully you’re hungry, and you want more.”

From the film’s IMDB summary (link): “Down a two-lane road in a backwater Florida town, tiny New Hope Missionary Baptist Church stands as testament to faith, hope, hard work - and the best tasting barbecue for miles. In Faith, Hope and BBQ, you'll find the Pastor-Preacher-Barbecue Man, the Sunday School Teacher who guards her collard green recipes, the congregation who pray, the customers who pay, and the choir ladies who “Amen” that fine slab of ribs. It's food for the belly, and food for the soul.


Faith Hope and BBQ is the first feature for both Mosteller and Sternberger, who are each well-known for commercial production. Mosteller’s Fried Okra Entertainment ( specializes in real people, kids, and offbeat humor for major agencies and brands.  Sternberger’s 2150 ( is widely recognized as one of the top editorial houses in the country, finishing English and Spanish language work for blue chip clients. 

October broadcast schedule for Faith Hope and BBQ on WEDU+:

•   Tuesday, Oct. 13, 8:00 p.m.

•   Sunday, Oct. 18, midnight

•   Tuesday, Oct. 20, 10:00 p.m.

•   Saturday, Oct. 31, 7:00 a.m.

About Fried Okra Entertainment
Fried Okra Entertainment is a full-service production company that makes TV commercials, web content, documentary films and nonfiction series.  Based in Florida, we have completed productions all over the globe for some of the world's most recognized brands. Director Ernie Mosteller is especially known for his work with documentary style, real people, kids, and offbeat humor.

About 2150 Editorial
215o Editorial is a creative blend of editors, artists, and animators. From the start, co-founders Jeff Sternberger and Michale Coe sought to make a workspace that would cater to the people. We know the workload facing our clients so we make every effort to provide a space that feels like home, even in the midst of the pressuring projects. That's one reason some of the top agencies in the country are regulars at 2150. From the beginning Jeff has had his mind and talents pointed towards making a good story great and this is just one of the reasons why people seek to work with him from start to finish. With Michael Coe he set out to make a boutique that caters in every way to the creative pursuit.