( today announced it is launching a new cloud-based video review, storage, transcoding, versioning and task management platform for creative media teams. Developed by a team of developers and post production experts with input from renowned filmmakers, combines the best attributes of Vimeo, Dropbox, Gmail and collaborative review and approval applications into a singular home base application for creative video projects.

With this announcement, is opening its private beta program and is inviting creative media professionals to participate in its new public beta program. To see a the teaser video, and to participate in the public beta, please visit was founded by post production industry veterans Emery Wells and John Traver. Wells brings 14 years experience in post as a technician, creative, and executive, while Traver, brings extensive software engineering and imaging science expertise.

“Filmmakers are facing widespread challenges to manage their media today.  With the advent of digital acquisition, roughly 80 million terabytes of video are generated each year which all need to be stored, backed up, and accessible to teams worldwide,” said Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO. “It’s increasingly obvious that the Internet, and specifically online video, is swallowing traditional media for everything from entertainment to advertising and marketing. And the result is explosive growth in video production. What’s not obvious, however, is the painful processes and workflows required to create all that content.  We created to eliminate all that pain.”  

"This will fundamentally change the way work.  Everyone on the project has access to the media as we allow and we can all communicate creative ideas using the time based comments and annotations,” said Jason Diamond of The Diamond Bros, a renowned NYC-based filmmaker and technologist. "Rather than being restricted to working in NY,  LA or even right around the corner, is the first tool that let’s us work with whoever we want, anywhere, as if they were right next to us.”

Dynamic Media Collaboration: Solving the Problem
Given the nature of a typical media project, the vast majority of footage shot is never easily accessible to more than a handful of people; it’s usually stored on an expensive RAID system, or worse, shelved on a hard drive in a storeroom.

Whether working solo or on a team, believes everyone should be able to access their own footage, even if away from the post suite. In today’s increasingly distributed work environments, the problem is compounded as most clients and project team members are never even in the same room together. While the Internet has changed the landscape for disparate collaboration, the process breaks down when it comes to creative media workflows.

Media professionals aren’t collaborating around small text documents; they’re working with huge media files measured in Gigabytes and Terabytes. Today’s consumer tools simply don’t work, and the professional tools available today are too clumsy and expensive. can mobilize a professional creative team in seconds to begin collaborating with people anywhere in the world. - Clean, Elegant, Simple enables media teams to manage multiple projects and clients from wherever they may be.  Tools for managing the video production process, include:

Accelerated uploading in the browser for fast and efficient media file loading;

Cloud transcoding of video assets for guaranteed playback on any device; with support for professional camera formats;

Hover scrubbing for instant preview of clips;

Seamless drag and drop interface for simple manipulation of files, content and communications;

Private workspace for managing separate projects;

Time-based, frame-specific comments and annotations for clearer communication;

Side by side version comparison for clear, simple view of changes between versions;

Beautiful WYSIWYG presentation mode for branded presentation creation;

Ability to publish to YouTube and Vimeo is social too.  Every action performed is tied to an individual user and tracked so project participants receive notifications about what’s going on.  It’s built for teams, offering the ability to create a private workspace for each project on the docket and decide who has access to what. is now in private beta. General availability and pricing models will be announced at a later date.  

About was developed by people who love creating content, but not the process for creating it. We are filmmakers, VFX artists and post production pros who realized there must be a better way. is all about what happens before distribution.  Before you reach the finish line.  We want to make getting there faster, smoother, and more efficient. For more information, please visit