Filmotechnic USA, purveyors of the finest camera car systems in the world, recently was called upon to help capture the smallest of cars for a spot titled “RC Illusion” for Lexus and agency Team One Advertising. According to The Los Angeles Times, the spot spiked traffic for the new model Lexus RC 350 on (Kelly Blue Book) by a whopping 1800 percent following its premiere on the Super Bowl.

Let’s Play
As part of its new “Let’s Play” campaign/initiative for Lexus, Team One rolled out a Super Bowl spot--titled “ RC Illusion”-- directed by Tim Damon, which shows the 2015 Lexus RC 350 making some incredible drift parking maneuvers (courtesy of r/c master Drift44) in which there’s no room for error. Even the most adept stunt driver would be envious of what we’re witnessing--until a real first ever Lexus RC 350 enters the scene, revealing that the prior cars we saw were all remote controlled models that looked like the real thing.

Get Down, Get Down, Get Down
According to Damon, the challenge for the visual pay-off at spot’s end required an ultra-low camera angle to capture both the hero car and the radio controlled version. “We had to capture both cars sliding across the pavement,” says Damon. “In order to do that, we had to get low, I mean really low.” Damon enlisted the help of Filmotechnic USA to get the shot. Utilizing a Porsche Cayenne camera car with custom-built arm, Damon was able to position the camera for best effect. “The spot is all about having fun while driving, so the final shot extends that mantra by including the real Lexus to capture both sliding through frame.”

About Filmotechnic USA
Filmotechnic is a frontrunner in research and development of camera car systems and technologies. Founder Anatoliy Kokush is a two-time Academy Award Winner in the 78th Annual Scientific and Engineering Awards. The Academy awarded Anatoliy Kokush, Yuriy Popovsky and Oleksiy Zolotarov the Sci-Tech Award for the concept and development of the Russian Arm Gyro-Stabilized Camera Crane and Flight Head. The Academy also awarded Anatoliy Kokush a second Sci-Tech Award for the concept and development of the Cascade Series of motion picture cranes including the Traveling Cascade Crane.