FCB Garfinkel, in collaboration with the animation company the STUDIO, the composers from Found Objects and the Luci® inflatable solar light by MPOWERD™ Inc., shines a spotlight on energy poverty in a new, animated video that follows a young child’s journey and showcases the importance of access to energy.

The animation, “Give Luci” shows a boy named Kiama on his travels to and from school. Kiama loves school and has big dreams. As he heads home from school to have dinner with his family, the sun sets causing his world to go dark. Kiama’s lack of access to light means he, like millions of other children, cannot read or study at night or do his homework.  

Enter Luci, the solar-powered light. The video ends with the message “no one’s story should end just because the sun sets” and encourages viewers to give a Luci to households like Kiama’s by visiting mpowerd.com/give. The Give Luci program allows customers to purchase Luci lights that will be sent directly to communities in need through one of MPOWERD’s NGO partners.

Mary Nittolo, STUDIO President, says “It was a privilege to work on this project and bring not only attention but an affordable solution to an overwhelming problem .  Across sub-Saharan Africa, 90 million primary students are without electricity. And, each year, indoor pollution from dirty fuels results in four million deaths. MPOWERD/give is an opportunity to make a modest investment that can be life altering.”

Lee Garfinkel, CEO of FCB Garfinkel, says explaining energy poverty is tough when the public isn’t always aware of the problem. “The story of Kiama brings his daily struggle to life and, through the help of the Luci solar-powered light, illustrates how a simple idea can have an incredible impact.”

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