The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (Dallas CVB) and agency TracyLocke have launched a dynamic, in-flight advertising experience designed to help passengers explore Dallas from 30,000 feet.

Distinguished as pioneers in the digital world, LA-based interactive agency Wildlife was commissioned to help the campaign take flight and develop a first-of-its-kind web experience.

As Dallas CVB and TracyLocke worked through the creative process, delivering a worthwhile media platform over airplane Wi-Fi proved to be a challenge. 

To ensure a quality web experience, they teamed up with Gogo Inflight, but Wildlife had less than one megabyte available to excite users about a trip to Dallas, whether they purchased GoGo Inflight wireless access or not.

“Our core challenge was devising and developing an interactive experience that was fun, informative and could run beautifully under the limitations of 1MB. That’s smaller even than the size of one song,” says Wildlife Co-founder and Creative Director Jake Friedman.  To put that in perspective, 1MB gets you less than 1% of your favorite TV show on iTunes. A typical interactive site ranges anywhere from 10-20MB.

In an effort to continue to showcase Dallas as a premier travel destination through non-traditional advertising opportunities, 3,375 tray tables on 25 domestic American Airlines planes will feature messaging from Dallas’ award-winning Big Things Happen Here campaign, prompting passengers to take a quiz and craft a personalized Dallas trip itinerary.

The tray table design features images of the campaign’s now-iconic B&G sets – life-sized installations allowing visitors to be the “I” in “BIG” – and directs users to an engaging platform to explore questions such as: “What makes your mouth water?” and “What’s your spirit animal?” The lively and playful design encourages curiosity, breaking the mold of typical travel quizzes.

Upon completion of the quiz, passengers are delivered an itinerary that identifies them as a BIG Explorer, BIG Thinker, BIG Heart, BIG Rebel, BIG Rambler, BIG Spender or BIG Tex and provides recommendations for hotel, dining and attractions.

Bringing the experience full circle, the platform has the capability to deliver users’ complete itineraries to their inbox for follow-up exposure upon landing, complete with social sharing capabilities.

Jake Friedman of Wildlife states, “We relish any chance to be a part of another groundbreaking digital experience such as this one, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out.”

About Wildlife
Wildlife is a Los Angeles-based digital creative agency specializing in motion graphics and interactive design. Wildlife’s recent work includes a complete 360-degree interactive promo for EA’s Battlefield Hardline and Lifetime’s Witches of East End Spell Caster promo, which is nominated for a Promax award.