Workhorse Media has signed the directing team of Zach Zamboni and Tom Vitale for exclusive commercial and digital work. The announcement was made by Workhorse Executive Producer Pola Brown. With over a decade of experience in the documentary/ vérité world, the duo are best known for their incredible storytelling and cinematography on Anthony Bourdain’s CNN travel/food/lifestyle series “Parts Unknown” and over 100 episodes of the iconic series “No Reservations.” The triple Emmy®-winning Zamboni and two-time winning Vitale join directorial talents Lukas Korver, Michael Sugrue, Roberto Bado, Maro Chermayeff, Darron Ashton, Erica Hill, Michael LaBellarte, Paolo Gandola, Jonas + Kelly and Peter Gilbert at the company.

Upcoming episodes for “Parts Unknown” include Iran on CNN  11/2 and Jamaica on 11/16.
To view one of Zamboni/Vitale’s award-winning episodes, visit CNN Here.

Pursuing Excellence
For her part, Brown saw a fit with Zamboni and Vitale in the commercial/digital world. “I could see these guys were smart, intense filmmakers that could help ad agencies with their lifestyle/branding campaigns,” says Brown. “They shoot beautifully, tell memorable stories and are able to work new situations and repeatedly make great things happen on the fly.” Both Zamboni and Vitale were impressed with Brown’s game plan. “Pola (Brown) started pursuing us months ago,” says Zamboni. “She’s a huge believer in our work and will help us transition what we have accomplished in TV over to the commercial and digital world.”

Serious Filmmakers, Global Perspective.
Zamboni studied philosophy, writing, and cinematography at The University of Maine at Orono, The University of East Anglia in the UK, and The Maine Workshops. Before shooting, he learned the art and craft of lighting as an electrician and gaffer in New York’s independent feature and commercial world. Vitale majored in film at Vassar and started out his career at New York Times TV. Both love collaborating and describe their work as “the immediacy of a documentary with high production value.”

Storytelling, Best in the genre.
“At the end of the day, we’re documentarians, our work is about storytelling and people,” says Zamboni. Food does not define us, we’re a new breed of filmmaker with an international capacity.” Adds Vitale, “Zach and I are very proud of the work we’ve done as a team.  We develop each of our shows together, continually working to both raise production values and keep it fresh.  Our work has evolved into some of the best in the genre.”

“Working around the world has really broadened my horizons,” says Vitale.  “I really love it because when you travel, everything is new and exciting. It forces you to constantly push the envelope.  It's essential to our creative process to be able to thrive outside our comfort zone. No pain, no gain!”

Commercials/Digital Work
As they have with the TV productions, both Zamboni and Vitale plan to remain active in the overall collaboration on each of their spot/digital projects. The directing duo’s current reel is made up of special moments extracted from over 150 hours of material the team has compiled the last eight years.

About Workhorse Media
Workhorse Media is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company is represented by Daria Zeliger on the East Coast 917.373-4107, Jim Miller in the Southeast 954.563.6004, Yvette Lubinsky on the West Coast 310.386.9909 and Laurel Dobose in the Midwest 312.282.3476. For more information contact Pola Brown, EP, as 323.528.2755 or go to