With the success of the Fall 2015 promo campaign for E! & New York Fashion Week, the creative team at the popular cable net returned to leftchannel for a brand-new promo for Fashion Week 2016. Once again, E! called on the production & motion graphics studio, headed by Creative Director Alberto Scirocco, for an expansive, new promo drawing E! viewers into the excitement of Fashion Week 2016.

For leftchannel Creative Director Alberto Scirocco and his team, they were incredibly complemented by the return of the E! clients for a second round of the Fashion Week promo campaign, giving them the opportunity to build on the design elements which were created in the Fall. “They wanted this second promo to be bigger than the last piece and more impactful,” explains Scirocco. “This was a much different challenge than they presented to us after the New Year. The first piece was a heavy editorial project focused on the elegant beauty of high-end fashion. For 2016, they asked us to focus on the energy and excitement of the event itself, but still incorporate the design language we created in 2015. This was a very large compositing piece for us, with a great deal of complexity and many layers. E! wanted to expand the viewers’ perspective and experience, which we believe they have with this piece.

To view the new leftchannel promo for Fashion Week 2016, go here: http://leftchannel.com/work/nbc-universal-2016/

The clients at E! gave a lot of creative control to the leftchannel team for the overall concept and design of this second promo campaign. For the 2015 piece, the overall look and visual typographic style leftchannel created was so well received that it was adapted and rolled out across all E! New York Fashion Week design assets. For 2016, leftchannel concepted an augmented visual rope piece taking viewers from backstage to the New York City streets to the paparazzi, fans and parties; and finally the runway, giving it a look and energy all its own. 

Shot on green-screen at 500 frames-per-second, the leftchannel production team utilized a dolly-mounted Phantom Flex to capture footage of the models and extras. Back at the leftchannel studio, they designed and composited each scene together with many layers of complex compositing. For a second time, leftchannel completed all of the casting, live-action production, motion graphics, CG, compositing and finishing for the promo. They again provided an extensive tool kit for the in-house designers at E! to work with for their promotion of the Fashion Week television coverage. Besides airing nationally, this second promo and its related deliverables have also been acquired by E!’s international partners.

Screenwork Credits
Client: E!
Christopher Donovan, SVP Creative Marketing E! & Esquire
JAS Sustrich, VP Creative Marketing, E!
Mark Scheider, VP Visual, E!
Charizma Otterson, VP Print Design, E! 
Jeff Dunaj, Senior Art Director, On Air Design, E!
Greg Brayton, Writer/Producer, E!
Sandra Lim, Producer, On Air Design, E!
Erin Clarry, Post Production Manager, E!
Sound Design/Music: Circa Music and E!

Production & Motion Design Studio: leftchannel

About leftchannel
Founded in 2003 and headed by Creative Director Alberto Scirocco, leftchannel is a motion design studio comprised of multidisciplinary graphic design artists, specializing in motion graphics. Scirocco began his career as a celebrated artist in design and art in Italy before moving to the U.S., where he helped establish the leftchannel studio in Columbus, Ohio. Scirocco’s passion for fine art is a driving force behind the firm’s decisively individualistic and pioneering capabilities. He has been a high-profile speaker recently at PromaxBDA and at the motion Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Leftchannel’s innovative talent has been applied to a multitude of projects including film, advertising, broadcast graphics, architecture, retail planning, digital installation, projection mapping, and environmental design.  To learn more about leftchannel, go to their web site: www.leftchannel.com
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