The Directors Network (TDN) has re-signed Director/DP Kevin Emmons enabling TDN to pack a 1-2 punch with the team of Director Don Rase and DP, Emmons.

Don and Kevin literally grew up in the business together and have become great friends who share a passion for just being on set. There is a trust and confidence in each other that allows both to be effective in the shooting process as they set the bar higher and higher with every shoot. Clients constantly comment on the smoothness of the shoots and how pleasant the shoot days are. Simply put by Don, “The experience and shorthand we have with each other makes for a very efficient shoot day.  We communicate extremely well, which affords me more time to work with talent and Kevin to work on the frame.”

Because of their close friendship and the fact they both genuinely enjoy the process, Don and Kevin spend a lot of time talking through shots, figuring out appropriate gear, looking at locations and putting more thought and time into projects than a director and DP might normally do. Kevin shares,   “Our interests compliment each other.  I love the latest technology and Don is such a huge people person. We both have a deep respect for the process and an intense work ethic. I feel sorry for people who have not experienced the business the way we have, you really wake up each day feeling blessed.”  

Don Rase
Don specializes in comic dialogue and visual storytelling. He loves working with actors and has a great ear for dialogue. Don prides himself on creating an atmosphere that promotes and nurtures creative ideas which results in entertaining commercials. Click here to view Don's work.

Kevin Emmons
Kevin came up through the ranks in the camera department and has worked in commercials for 20 years.  His love of travel (he has over one million air miles!) and fascination with photography since early childhood has brought a broad palette of experience to his commercial cinematography. Click here to view Kevin's work.

Founded in Los Angeles, The Directors Network (TDN) is a talent agency for commercial freelance directors and directors of photography. TDN talent is repped through production companies on a job-by-job basis. TDN is the perfect marriage of freelance Directors, Director/DPs and Cinematographers with commercial, promo, & long form television production companies and Internet content providers.