How does one improve on one of the most iconic cars of all time? Simple. Hire still photographer Tim Damon to capture the latest incarnation of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. The exterior, interior and on-location performance shots were completed for Chevrolet ( through Commonwealth in Detroit). The agency is currently using the photographs for the legendary car’s brochure and various point-of-purchase materials.

Damon’s prowess for shooting both on stage and beyond four walls is chronicled in these breathtaking shots. For the exterior sets shot on stage, Damon used his proprietary hand-built overhead lighting systems to capture what makes a Corvette so special. “I used a more intense style of lighting to capture the car’s sharp sculpted lines. “Even not moving, the Corvette possesses an exciting, unrelenting posture. It’s what makes Corvette a classic sports car.


For some of the interior and wide shots, Damon went on location to Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, a tunnel near downtown Los Angeles and areas around scenic Monterey, California. To capture a sense of action, Damon tapped into techniques from shooting car commercials. “I mount my still camera to a car-mounted camera arm,” says Damon. “It gives me a point of view and dynamic shots you wouldn’t achieve any other way.” For several cabin shots, Damon used natural diffused oceanside light to highlight the Corvette’s driver-oriented cockpit.


Agency: COMMONWEALTH, Detroit, Michigan
rt Director: K'Kio Hardin
Art Director: Ryan Ganss
Art Producer: Kristen Regnerus

Producer: Micael Jackson
Digital Tech: Anthony Dias
Camera Ast.: Jack Damon
Camera Ast. (Second):bruce MacDinald
Camera Ast. (Third): Thad (Thaddeus) Brown

Damon Rep: Barbara Johns – The Click Group

Track - Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX
105 Underpass @ I-405 (LA Area)  - Tunnel
Northern California ( Monterey)  - oceanside