Director Tim Damon recently went up remote Latigo Canyon Drive to give some lucky people the ride of their lives to launch the all new 2015 Polaris Slingshot, a street-legal side by side reverse trike available for delivery at Polaris dealerships nationwide starting next month.
Extreme Secrecy, Surprise Ride
“We took people up the canyon, they had no idea what they were about to see or do,” says Damon, who for two days had chartered vans discretely bringing people up the canyon road to see, drive and take in the never-before-revealed Slingshot. “We then just captured all their energy and excitement.”
Hybrid Motorcycle
The Slingshot features side by side seating with a steering wheel instead of handlebars. The transmission and monoshock system are pure motorcycle, complete with belt drive and a swingarm. Like any biker would prefer, shifting is manual. Base price for the Slingshot is around $20,000.
Hold on, Let Go
According to Damon, one of the key elements in making this projects successful was getting the Slingshot into stage20 (Damon’s private car-shooting studio) two days prior to the shoot. “Having the Slingshot here early gave us the ability to build, fabricate and manufacture custom GoPro and Canon 5D mounts,” says Damon. “This was priceless in putting cameras in unique and special places. These rigs were one offs just for the Slingshot. If I did not have an on-site fabrication shop, these mounts would have been impossible.”