Director Michael LaBellarte, represented by Workhorse Media, just wrote, shot and edited a pure digital campaign for ASICS athletic gear specifically for Instagram, the world’s largest photo and video-sharing outlet. The series of stills and seven, 15-second spots highlight ASICS sponsorship of the World Series of Beach Volleyball.

Neatly Packaged Branding Morsels
Each spot contains branding footage that showcase the ultra-competitive side of the American players (donning ASICS athletic products) while inviting fans to see them take on the world’s best. LaBellarte understands the nature of digital campaigns. “To engage and inspire in 15 seconds, that’s the challenge,” he says. “In this instance the audience is mostly Millennials, so the stills and video needed to more closely align with Instagram standards. These digital campaigns really highlight today’s ‘get to the point’ attitude.

Michael LaBellarte has also directed digital campaigns for Jacob David USA, AVP and Purity Vodka.