Following the success of the summer box-office hit Let’s Be Cops, Luke Greenfield will be joining Wondros’ collective of noted directors. Greenfield’s filmmaking career spans various genres including comedic, coming of age and action and will be instrumental in his segue into short form artistic storytelling. 

Greenfield, best known for his cult hit The Girl Next Door, has a keen eye for talent (having helped launch the careers of Emile Hirsch, Paul Dano, Timothy Olyphant and Olivia Wilde) and skillfully combines comedic and emotional tones while staying true to character development. He also has the unique ability to blend drama and comedy as well as comedy and suspense.

“Luke’s comedic sensibility and vision is one that piqued our interest instantly. His ability to create and direct rich characters as well as his unique and often boundary-pushing sense of humor, will undoubtedly parlay to commercials and advertising,” stated Wondros Senior Executive Producer, Gina Zapata. 

“As a filmmaker, I have always been guided by the principle that the best story telling comes from your own life experiences combined with exaggeration and imagination. Commercials have long intrigued me and I have been secretly pining to take a leap into the spot-making world. I am truly excited to begin this journey with Wondros. I am invigorated by the collective of outstanding directors I will be joining and excited about the guidance and leadership that will surround me through this new venture,” states Greenfield.

Originally raised on the East Coast, Greenfield began writing and directing his own super-8 films at the age of ten.  His 1999 short film Right Hook caught the attention of Adam Sandler and producers Todd Garner and Greg Silverman. He directed the feature The Animal and in 2004 he co-wrote and directed The Girl Next Door, a cult-classic and star maker for a number of today’s biggest actors.  Other credits include: Role Models, Something Borrowed, and the critically acclaimed TV pilot, Aliens in America.

Greenfield currently resides in Los Angeles, and recently locked his next feature with 20th Century Fox. 

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