Director Lez Rudge has selected MUGSY as his first commercial production company home.   A world-renowned colorist, Lez’s directing work includes projects for La Perla, Sephora, Le Labo, I Heart Radio and Tru TV. 

His most recent commercial, a PSA for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation titled “Beautiful In My Eyes,” is an inspirational story that has received great acclaim.

Joining MUGSY as his first commercial directing home was a natural fit for both Lez and MUGSY executive producer Sean Reilly.  “Lez and I have known each other for over 15 years,” says Reilly.  “As a colorist, he has been my first choice for a long time.  But after Lez showed me his directing reel I was blown away and realized that directing is the next logical step in his career.”

“I have had the chance to work with many MUGSY directors over the years,” Lez adds.  “And I have always been impressed with not just their work, but their dedication to the filmmaking process and their ability to collaborate with creatives and editors.  MUGSY fosters a sense of true filmmaking by often seeing projects through post and allowing their directors to be part of the entire process.  That appealed to me as a director, because I don’t think the director’s role should end with the shoot.”

“Lez is a director who has an eye for beautiful imagery captured with emotion,” continues Reilly.  “But just as important is his ability to elicit strong performances from his subjects.”

Ali Lambert Voron, featured in the “Beautiful In My Eyes” PSA, describes her experience working with Lez.  “Lez had a natural ability to put me at ease and helped me dig deep inside to recount the emotions I felt twenty years prior when I had lost my hair.  His ability to inject raw emotion and create a dramatic story is a result of his creative abilities as a director.”

Lez also brings a depth of knowledge from his post-production background, and feels his transition to directing has allowed him to “use his eye for the intrinsic beauty of almost any setting.” 

A native of Singapore, Lez started his career at renowned post-production facility VHQ Singapore.  He then moved to Australia to work as a Senior Colorist before being recruited to New York by Nice Shoes in that same position.  He has collaborated with top directors and DPs – including Spike Lee, Darren Aronofsky, Janusz Kaminski, Tony Kaye, and Tarsem – along with a majority of the major U.S. advertising agencies.

MUGSY is excited to be the first commercial production company to represent Lez as a director.  His visual and narrative style makes him a perfect fit for a wide variety of advertising projects – from fashion and beauty, to visual storytelling and music-driven content.

Lez’s reel can be viewed on the MUGSY website at