David Butler,  commercial director and owner of Butler Film, teamed up with LuLu Productions and Carmax to produce two national multi-spot campaigns;  “Multiplicity” and “Reveal”. 
Carmax and LuLu Producer,  Lindsey Thomas,  needed a director who had the skill-set and talent to properly execute concepts needing both technical and performance direction. Butler,  who's directed a number of Carmax campaigns in the past,  was selected as the right director for the job. His meticulously thoughtful approach made for an effective and efficient use of time on set, and made the post work-flow seamless.
The Reveal spots convey the universal feeling of car-envy,  while in the spots for Multiplicity,  one person becomes three people having a conversation with different facets of their own personality - all in the same frame, "I loved planning the Multiplicity spots…" said Butler,  "and it was great to work with Carmax and Lindsey [Thomas, LuLu] again. They make it easy to really jump into their concepts, play with the ideas and they always appreciate what I bring to the project."  
David Butler has directed TV spots,  video content,  short films, and a documentary film. Both campaigns are currently running nationwide. 

Butler Film is a full-service production company specializing in marketing content & commercial work.