With workflow such a crucial component of successful operations for everyone in the entertainment and advertising industries, it's critical for Production, Post and Visual Effects Companies, Movie Studios, TV Networks, Ad Agencies and Brands to choose the right services and toolsets for their needs.   The Workflow Sponsored Content Feature and special marketing package created especially for it will enable sponsoring companies to share information about their services, equipment and software solutions persuasively with the production & postproduction creative community.  Becoming a Sponsor is the ideal way for companies that provide services and toolsets in the constantly evolving and highly competitive fields of Production-to-Post Workflow, Production Project Management and Digital Asset Management to promote their workflow solutions.  Click Here for printable PDF of the following information.

The Workflow Feature Article
Participate to show why you are a leader in the field.  An executive (owner, partner, president, CEO, COO, managing director, CTO or other senior executive) from each of the participating companies will be interviewed about about his/her company, product offerings and customer base. 
The following information will be seamlessly worked into the feature article...
Participant’s name, title and  head shot
Primary business and customer base
Company description
Description of services or products.
Example/examples of how services or products have been best deployed by clients.
The opening page will have the Logo and URL of the sponsors
The interviews will be conducted and feature will be written by Debra Kaufman, a freelance editor in the field of entertainment technology whose articles have been in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wired, Reuters, Bloomberg Business News as well as many leading entertainment industry trade publications.  SHOOT Publisher, Roberta Griefer, stated "I turned to Debra for this special project and am excited to be working with her on this timely and relevant topic.  I know that the Workflow feature will provide a great resource for our readers as well as a great environment for our sponsors to promote their services and products."  Sponsoring companies have the option to place a 1/2 Page or Full Page Ad - Ads will run throughout the feature.  
SHOOT has timed the Workflow feature so that it will appear in the issue with one of its hugely popular semi-annual Directors and Cinematographers sections.  These issues are typically, read re-read and saved for future reference. 
Here's a look at what else will appear in the October 17th Issue...
Profiles of Leading Directors  & Up-And-Coming Directors Feature
Cinematographers & Cameras Feature
Pre Road to Oscar Feature 
Visual Effects & Animation + Top 10 VFX & Animation Chart
Music & Sound + Top Ten Music Tracks Chart
The Workflow Marketing Package has 7 great Elements...
#1 Participation in the Workflow Sponsored Content Feature Described above
#2  Half  Page or Full Page Ad 4C  If going with 1/2 Page Ad option, sponsors can choose from the following 1/2 Page Ad formats: 
½ Page horizontal: Bleed: 9.25” wide x 5.5635: high, Live Area: 8.5” wide x 5.187” high
½ Page vertical: Bleed: 4.543” wide x 11.125” high, Live Area: 4.167” wide x 10.375” high
½ Page square: Bleed: 6.705” wide x 7.335”high, Live Are: 6.33” wide x 6.96” high
Click Here for Full Page and 1/2 Page Ad Specs.
#3  300x250 Banner space on SHOOTonline.com for 4 weeks from 10/17-11/16 File formats accepted:  JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, Flash or HTML5   Click Here for SHOOTonline Banner Specs.
#4  180x150 banner space on two SHOOT>e.dition email newsletters on  10/17 & special Directors & DPs SHOOT>e.dition on 10/20. File formats accepted: JPEG, GIF or Animated GIF format (max file size-40K) 
#5  A PDF of the Workflow sponsored content feature for your promotional use
#6  25  copies of the October 17th Issue
#7  SHOOT Publicity Wire Release  SHOOT will provide each sponsoring company with a free publicity release on the SPW that will have excerpt from the Workflow feature about their company.  The release will have link to your site and to the full Workflow feature.  In addition to being posted on the SPW, headline of release will appear in 3 email newsletters (SHOOT>e.dition, Brand New[s] and the SHOOT Dailies).  When readers click on headline, they will be linked to your release.
Click Here to visit the SHOOT Publicity Wire Home Page within the SHOOTonline site.
The Workflow Sponsored Content Feature & Marketing Package Cost
With Half Page 4C Ad: $3,200.  |  With Full Page 4C Ad: $5,000. 
The Package Rate includes your editorial participation and all promotion outlined above in points #1-7.   If the components of this package were purchased separately, the rate card value would  be  more than double. Plus of  course, the editorial exposure is priceless.
  With 1/2 Page Ad
Rate Card Value 
With Full Page Ad
Rate Card Value
►  Editorial participation with 1/2 Page Ad $3,800.  
►  Editorial participation with Full Page Ad    $7,600.
►  SHOOTonline Banner 10/17-11/16  $1,800.  $1,800. 
►  SHOOT >e.dition 10/17 &10/20 banner $  750. $  750.
►  25 SHOOT Copies $  175. $  175.
►  PDF of feature article $  150.  $  150. 
►  SHOOT Publicity Wire Release $    60.  $    60. 
Total Package Value $ 6,735.  $ 10,535.
Your Package Discount Rate $ 3,200. $ 5,000.
Savings $ 3,535. $ 5,535.
Distribution: Feature will be distributed to over 100,000 in the following formats...
Subscribers will receive SHOOT Magazine’s October 17th Print Issue. 10,000
Read PDF version of the issue that will be posted on SHOOTonline for readers to view or download.  A live link to your website will be embed in the PDF version of your Ad. 
Unique visitors per month to SHOOTonline. Digital version of feature will go live 10/17.  35,000+
Opt-in subscribers to SHOOT>e.dition email newsletter. Headline and abstract of feature will appear on the 10/17 SHOOT>e.dition. When readers click, they will be linked to the full feature on SHOOTonline. 
Followers to SHOOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages 5,000+
Opt-in subscribers to Brand New[s] email newsletter.  10/22 Brand New[s] will have Headline and abstract of SHOOT Publicity Wire release  with link to feature and to sponsor's site. Release will go live on The SHOOT Publicity Wire on 10/17.
Opt-in subscribers to  new SHOOT Dailies email newsletter. launching in Sept.  Headline and abstract of feature will appear on 10/17 SHOOT Dailies; when readers click, they will be linked to the full feature on SHOOTonline

Bonus Distribution of 10/17 Issue:
SMPTE Symposium, Sponsored by the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA), 10/20, Hollywood CA

AICP Digital Asset Management Town Hall Meeting for General & Associate Members, 10/21, Culver City, CA

  TOTAL 103,000
Who Should Become a Sponsor?
Companies that want to influence entertainment and commercial production and post decision-makers.  This opportunity is ideal for all types of companies involved in providing digital workflow solutions to the entertainment and advertising industries including production management and asset management software providers, camera manufacturers, post houses and workflow consultants.
Click Here for Printable PDF version of the above information
Confirmed Sponsors
SHOOT welcomes Melissa Davies, founder/CEO of Arc9 and Brian Atton, COO/Partner of Simian as the first two Sponsors to sign on.
Arc 9  A full featured creative collaboration application to review, file share, present and manage creative content, teams and clients. Tools for video, images, web and audio all in one application.
Simian Evolutionary media asset and workflow management solutions for creative, sales, marketing and production teams. Simian. Media Sharing. Evolved.
September 29 - Space Reservations
September 29 - Hi Res 300dpi head shot & Logo in eps format due
October 10 - 1/2 Page and Full Page Ad PDF files due
October 15180x150 banner & 300x250 banners due
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