Dapper, the comedy division of powerhouse Believe Media, takes self-referential humor to the ultimate extreme in this commercial within a commercial that’s about a commercial.

The Dapper Effect was created and directed by director Roderick Fenske. Having been an agency creative once himself, he came to the conclusion:  What better way to promote a comedy production company than to make a comedy film about the comedy production company?  

Hilarious and violent antics ensue! As Roderick puts it: “It’s got everything that you’re not supposed to do in a commercial.”

About Dapper.tv
From that vanguard of visual storytelling known as Believe Media comes its own novel production division fully dedicated to comedy, forthwith known as DAPPER.

Helmed by Executive Producer David Lyons, the Dapper roster boasts a smart and perfectly curated list of laugh-out-loud commercial directors with Roderick Fenske, Adam Cameron, Damien TooGood and just recently Dario & David.