Cutters Studios ( is very proud to announce the addition of the acclaimed feature film, television and commercial editor Stéphane Pereira to its staff, where he will be represented by the company throughout North America and Asia. The announcement was made by Cutters Los Angeles executive producer Megan Dahlman. According to Dahlman, Pereira began handling projects with Cutters over the past six months, and the success of those collaborations paved the way for the new relationship.
Pereira is well-known globally for his top-level work with world leading directors and agencies in the commercial field, and for his long history of editing feature films, TV programs and shorts for an ever-expanding group of directors. At present, he is completing the forthcoming narrative feature from director Julien Rambaldi, for whom he edited the short "Scotch" (2003) and the feature film "Les meilleurs amis du monde" (2010). Also among Pereira's feature credits is director Alain Chabat's "Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra" (2002) starring Gerard Depardieu and Monica Belucci, which had the biggest budget of any film in the history of French Cinema, and was a huge commercial success in Europe. With credits spanning scores of shorts and television episodes and an endless array of high-profile commercials, this will be Pereira's seventh feature film.
The son of French sound engineer Gilbert Pereira, Stéphane was born in Paris. He attended film school at Ecole Supérieur de Réalisation Audiovisuelle before spending five years editing documentaries. From there, he began working with award-winning directors like Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Laurent Chanez, and Reynald Gresset on their most prized projects. Since then, Pereira has won industry acclaim and built long-standing professional relationships with virtually every major on-camera and production talent in the industry. For example, he has cut four of the annual Nespresso world campaigns directed by Grant Heslov (Academy Award-winner for Best Motion Picture for “Argo”) starring George Clooney, and in the past year alone, he has cut commercials starring Clooney, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name but a few. Many of his professional colleagues take great pride in endorsing him, as you can read below.
"I think what's most unique about Stéphane is his intuitive sense of the footage and his ability to deliver what clients need," Dahlman began. "He really has a master storyteller's sensibility with footage, he works rooms with the best of them, and he's very sophisticated while also being a team player. In other words, he's a perfect fit for Cutters."
"I have found in Cutters a genuine human environment that nurtures my creativity while offering me the ability to grow my global relationships," Pereira explained. "I love how the multiple offices feel like one single team. Tim McGuire and Craig Duncan are great leaders with a vision and a love for the talents that comprise the Cutters family. And Megan Dahlman has the perfect combination of experience and enthusiasm. I can't imagine a more human, caring and attentive group of people to pursue my professional journey with."
For this story, many prominent agency executives, production executives and directors offered to share their perspectives on Pereira's unique talents. Here are some of their contributions.
  • Alexis Bensa, EP/Owner of Moonwalk Films: "Stéphane is one of the sharpest I've worked with. He has a strong sense of storytelling and rhythm that captures the film's truest meaning and draws you straight in!"
  • Blake Ebel, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Fear Not: "Stéphane is a master storyteller that approaches every project with a strong opinion and calm demeanor. He looks for nuanced performances that transform scenes into smiles. The details really matter to him. Without question Stéphane made our work better every day."
  • Gilles Fichteberg, Co-Founder of Rosapark: "There is something amazing about Stéphane, he seems to understand the concept of your ad better than you do... so it's always a pleasure to see your script on the screen." 
  • Reynald Gresset, Director, Reset: "Stéphane is one the best editors I've worked with in my career. He does not simply put together the best shots in the footage... he brings intelligence to the film's storytelling. My wish for every director is that they will get the chance to work with him."
  • Florent Imbert, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, New York: "I have complete trust in Stéphane to always find the best way to tell the story, no matter what challenges are posed by the footage or production, and do so with fluidity."
  • Sylvaine Mella, EP/Managing Partner of Stink Paris: "Stéphane's creative input and his dedication to the director's vision combined with a thorough understanding of advertising and client issues have always proved efficient on our projects together. Soft spoken and intelligent, he is a great editor to work with."
Like all Cutters editors, Pereira is now available for projects anywhere. He continues to be represented by Melting Pot Agency in Europe.
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