Cut+Run is proud to have contributed to four Super Bowl spots in this year’s “Big Game of Advertising.”  Jay Nelson edited Skittles “The Usual Way,” for agency DDB Chicago, Bud Light “Coin” for agency BBDO and Avocados For Mexico’s “FirstDraftEver" for GSD&M. Steve Gandolfi edited Mercedes “Fable” via Merkley & Partners. View them here

"I was lucky to be invited into three great spots, each one a unique concept with its own creative challenges,” says Jay Nelson. “I'm glad to finally have them on the air and to be able to share them with the world. It is an incredible feeling to watch the commercials live during the Super Bowl. I am proud of Cut+Run’s contribution and appreciative of the opportunity made possible by our agency and production company clients."

Bud Light’s life size Pac-Man game for Super Bowl XLIX was created by Energy BBDO and directed by Fredrik Bond. It was initially unveiled on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in advance of the Big Game and had reached 10 million views before Super Bowl Sunday. The spot opens with an unsuspecting man on the street who enters a bar and is asked if he’s “up for whatever.” Turns out he’s game…literally. His Bud Light directs him to step outside for some old-school fun, he inserts a giant coin into a vending machine, and it opens up the enormous game of Pac Man (so big, it earned a Guinness World Record).

In an unnamed place in the middle of somewhere, townsfolk have an a unique physical trait that comes from settling scores and arguments “The Usual Way.”  Skittles signature twistedness was brought to wonderfully odd life in the spot by agency DDB Chicago, directed by Dante Ariola, and edited by Jay Nelson.

About four billion years ago (give or take) the First Draft Ever took place…So begins the Super Bowl spot for Avocados From Mexico, edited by Jay Nelson and directed by Biscuit’s Matt Dillmore for agency GSD&M. Set in an ancient stadium, countries make selections from flora and fauna (subject to color commentary) from wheat to the ill-fated trade for a Dodo Bird. Finally, the last pick proves the most triumphant: Mexico chooses the Avocado which everyone agrees will henceforth make for an excellent year round snack. Avocados: Grown With Love (since the beginning of time).

Directed by two-time Oscar® winner Robert Stromberg, Mercedes’ Super Bowl spot “Fable” unveils the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S in a playful new twist on the timeless children’s classic The Tortoise and The Hare. The live action and animation hybrid spot was developed by agency Merkley & Partners, edited by Steve Gandolfi, and features CG characters brought to life by MPC.

“Fable for Mercedes is an absolutely magical spot,” enthuses Steve Gandolfi. “Early on, we collaborated with director Robert Stromberg on the previz edit and then worked closely with Robert, RSA, MPC and the agency to come up with the structure of the idea. We visited on set during the live action shoot and then it was a continual back and forth with everyone involved as the project took shape in post. The biggest challenge in a job with an extensive amount of visual effects is being able to see and craft an edit that has emotion and feeling, getting the timings just right so the characters can come alive and make the hairs on your neck stand up. From our first visit with Robert we knew his film was going to be something very special – not to mention one with the ultimate coming out party: the Super Bowl.”

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