A Common Thread's Linus Ewers has directed a new campaign for Domino’s and CP+B that encourages consumers to reconsider common assumptions about the pizza chain.

“You probably think Domino’s pizza cheese comes out of a big plastic bag… and it does,” offers the voiceover, as a pizza is topped with cheese poured from just such a bag. The action then shifts into reverse to show how the cheese arrived at the restaurant via a series of backwards motion scenes detailing each step of the shipping and manufacturing process all of which are focused on handcrafted quality.

While shown in reverse, the process by which Domino’s acquires its cheese is depicted with scrupulous accuracy. The cheese factory and farms are actual Domino’s vendors. The people are real workers. The goal, says Ewers, was to be “transparent, open and honest, while documenting real events in an entertaining way.”

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