Cibo, an integrated brand experience agency, today announced the launch of a redesigned, the product marketing and e-commerce destination for Anki, a robotic and artificial intelligence company, that was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company.

The new site features Anki’s highly anticipated game, Anki OVERDRIVE, which is a major upgrade to their award-winning, sold-out holiday hit, Anki DRIVE. The fully-responsive, e-commerce enabled site, features Anki OVERDRIVE’s innovative modular track and accessories that let players easily configure banked turns, overpasses, and even jumps that the game’s A.I. cars navigate autonomously.

“We needed an agency that understood how to bring our brand’s magic to life without making any compromises when it came to e-commerce functionality,” said Craig Rechenmacher, Chief Marketing Officer, Anki. “Cibo did a phenomenal job creating an experience that is both compelling for kids and their parents, and making it very intuitive on how to buy.”

The new online product showcase and shopping experience beautifully achieves a perfect balance between immersive storytelling, brand-building and best-in-class e-commerce functionality.

“The creative team had a blast figuring out how to make the whole experience rad,” said Cibo’s Chief Design Officer, Bob Skubic. “We mapped out the whole online customer journey, from awareness to undying loyalty, and then designed a little magic into as many of the key moments of that journey that we could. Figuring out how to convey both the sophistication of Anki’s robotics and AI technology while still emphasizing fun was an exciting challenge.”

Cibo was hired to develop Anki’s digital brand experience strategy and then apply it to completely overhaul Anki’s web site in time for the 2016 holiday season. This included an entirely new UX and visual design, as well as the production of the site with responsive HTML and Drupal CMS.

The site launched on time to coincide with Anki’s promised for-sale date of September 20th. After just 48 hours of being live, sales were already brisk as early adopters snapped up what is bound to be one of the hottest hits of the season.

Experience the mayhem for yourself at

Cibo ( is an integrated brand experience agency that helps ambitious brands design innovative customer experiences that drive increased loyalty, advocacy, and sales. Founded in San Francisco in 2010, Cibo brings deep capabilities in traditional marketing and advertising together with cutting-edge expertise in digital experience design, emerging marketing technologies and cross-platform brand storytelling. Cibo’s work propels some of the world’s top brands, including Tesla, Salesforce, Volcom, Subaru, Twitter, Lenovo, Union Bank/MUFG, Facebook and Disney.

Named one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, Anki is dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life, building on decades of scientific research to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. Founded in 2010 by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute graduates, Anki creates consumer experiences using technology that was once confined to robotics labs and research institutes.