Clients, employees, friends, and families celebrated charlieuniformtango’s 20th Anniversary Friday, October 2, 2015. Over 500 people attended the outdoor party in the plaza of One Arts Plaza in Dallas’ thriving Arts District.

The Booker T. Washington Jazz Band entertained, and the charlieuniformtango band rocked the rest of the night away (several clients aka musicians joined in), food was enjoyed from Jorge’s Tex-Mex Café and Sakhuu, Deep Eddy Vodka and Topo Chico sparkling water sponsored drinks. A special “Memories of Tango” video was created of the event to be shared on social media. Two retrospective videos, produced by tango editors, were shown to guests. The videos presented a collage of the company’s work, and all the people who’ve come through tango, over the past 20 years.

Willie Baronet’s exhibit, “We Are All Homeless” was on display in the One Arts Plaza commercial lobby during the event. Baronet is former owner and creative director of GroupBaronet. GroupBaronet created the name “charlieuniformtango” and designed the company’s first logo.

The celebration kicked-off September 1, 2015 with the hanging of three 24’ high banners on the front of One Arts Plaza. The banners were designed by students at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and sponsored by Billingsley Company and charlieuniformtango. “A big thank you to Billingsley Company for their support over our years at One Arts Plaza,” charlieuniformtango Principal/President Lola Lott, said.

The three winning students were: Brett Akop, Nik Hermanovski, and Halle Van De Hey. Lizette Ayala, also a Booker T. student, designed a 20th Anniversary logo that was used on all celebration materials. Paige Furr is Sculpture/3D instructor and Visual Arts Coordinator for the school.

Fine art magazine, Foreground, will publish a story and produce a podcast on the four winning students and their artwork in November. Margaret Brown, publisher of Foreground presented a cash prize to each winning student at the October 2nd party.

Lola Lott, said, “Jack and I are thrilled to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of charlieuniformtango. All of our people are so amazingly excellent in their particular craft. We thank them for making us our best. Hard to believe we’re all still kicking and at the top of our game. We’re very grateful to our clients for their continuing support that allows us to make it happen.”

About charlieuniformtango

charlieuniformtango is a full service post-production facility specializing in creative editorial, visual effects, motion graphics design, audio mixing, digital production, excellent client service. 

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