The Cavalry Productions has added Leticia Gurjao as its new Director of Business Development. The announcement was made by Cavalry Executive Producer Ross Grogan. Gurjao rounds out an executive team that includes recently added Aric Ackerman as COO/Partner and European Partner/Executive Producer Guy Pechard. Prior to joining The Cavalry, Gurjao worked as Director of Development at Green Dot Films. The Cavalry’s directorial roster now includes Steven Ada, Cécile Boisrond, Didier Canaux, Kevin Berlandi, Stephen Schuster, Chris Delaporte, Christophe Navarre, Henri Barges, the directing duo Rojomotorz and Doug Bernardt. The Cavalry has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

Brand-Building Knowledge
"Leticia (Gurjao) is an incredible addition to our team, bringing ten years of commercial production experience to the Cavalry," says Grogan. "She is intelligent and engaging with a strategic view of the market and a great fit for our growing company. In addition to her skills and agency relationships, her creative sensibilities and knowledge of brand building has already brought results. We are excited to have Leticia serve an instrumental role on our team."

Tastemaker/Director Development
For her part, Gurjao is motivated to be a part of a team primarily focused on developing directors in the ultra-competitive world of commercial and digital content as well as other business development and marketing efforts. "We have some amazingly talented directors at The Cavalry that are new to the US, so we're being patient yet efficient with their introduction," says Gurjao. "The Cavalry is about nurturing talent through a compact, boutique sized company with global resources. Ross (Grogan) is very driven and is one heck of an executive producer, Aric (Ackerman) brings us a strategic business mindset, Guy (Pechard) has a great eye for talent, while I see my role as a tastemaker, branding the company while overseeing the careers of each of our directors.”

From Brazil to Los Angeles
A native of Brazil, Gurjao studied Advertising at MacKenzie University in Sao Paulo. She immediately went on to producing films and worked at several media companies, including Zeppelin Films. Seven years ago, Gurjao relocated to Los Angeles, earning a Film Industry Business certificate from UCLA. Spending time working at Green Dot, Gurjao realized what it takes to work at a high level. “I learned how to develop a strategic mindset when targeting specific talent to clients and agencies in this competitive landscape,” says Gurjao. “It's been a pleasure to work with The Cavalry team so far and to be a part of this great moment as the company grows even further.”

About The Cavalry Productions
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