The Curaçao Tourist Board has kicked off the "Right Now in Curaçao" campaign from Catch New York to drive awareness and visitors to this enticing island destination.

Located conveniently outside of the hurricane belt in the southern Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is home to dozens of beaches, broad heritage spanning 55 different cultures and distinctly European architecture. 

Working off comprehensive research commissioned by Curaçao from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at University of Central Florida, Catch created a campaign that highlights the wide range of experiences that the Dutch island offers: beautiful beaches, as expected, but also museums, plantations, volcanic deserts and natural parks for hiking –  all wrapped in a welcoming local culture.

“The Right Now in Curaçao Campaign was created to challenge our target to hold up a mirror to their own lives,” said Douglas Spitzer, Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Catch.  “We’re pretty sure no matter what else potential visitors are doing in the moment they see our ads, it’s nowhere near as exciting, or enriching, as what the island offers them." 

André Rojer, Marketing Manager at the Curaçao Tourist Board added, “We asked Catch to look beyond what's ordinary in the category, and bring to life work that embodies everything amazing and beautiful that happens across Curaçao every day. ‘Right Now in Curaçao’ will entice U.S. travelers by showcasing the island’s rich cultural mix and its broad range of activities through a multi-platform media approach.”

This initial rollout includes digital and OOH ads throughout the NYC subway system, Long Island Railroad and Metro North trains and in Terminal 5 at JFK Airport, which tell the “Right Now in Curaçao” story by using dramatic images of unexpected hiking trails, scuba diving and cliff diving in stunning waters, and taking in the famously colorful buildings of the capital’s downtown district, itself a UNESCO World Heritage site. These executions and many more will launch internationally later this year.

The campaign comes as jetBlue, the only airline with direct flights from New York to Curaçao, prepares to add a third weekly flight out of JFK in November.  The airline will promote this additional flight with digital ads and events which tie into the Catch campaign. American Airlines and InselAir also serve Curaçao with daily nonstop flights from Miami.

Premiere travel publication AFAR will also be driving awareness of the island through a curated media package including an on-island ambassador program that will showcase everything happening “Right Now in Curaçao” first-hand, and dedicated editorial content across all digital platforms and social media.

Campaign Credits

Edward Suares, Marketing Director; André Rojer, Marketing Manager, North America; Rebecca Marval, Marketing Advisor; ​Gianina Atalita, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Agency: Catch New York
Douglas Spitzer, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer; Joseph Perello, Co-Founder & Managing Partner; Rich Corrigan, Creative Director; Natasha Williamson, Group Account Director; Michelle Niblock, Account Supervisor; Stephen Wraspir, Media Director

Digital Media: Silverlight Trading Desk
Lori Goldberg, CEO; David Sapinksi, Account Director; Candace Hornung, Media Director

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About Curaçao
Home to more than 35 captivating beaches, a diverse heritage spanning over 55 different cultures, including Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese, a 'live and let live' attitude and stunning European architecture; Curaçao remains an unrivaled tropical escape in the Southern Caribbean. Recently selected as one of U.S. News Travel’s ‘Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean,’ Curaçao’s natural beauty, world class diving and snorkeling sites are also a favorite with divers and adventure travelers, and its pristine beaches and idyllic weather, situated on the outer fringes of the Hurricane Belt, has won it further accolade and recognition. Its capital city, Willemstad – a UNESCO World Heritage site – features an iconic colorful Handelskade backdrop, an eclectic roster of museums, monuments, flavorful restaurants and shopping; just a few of the many reasons why Curaçao continues to flourish as one of the most exceptional islands in the region.   Visit, and download our brochure at