A new integrated campaign for U.S. Bank is now breaking across the U.S. from advertising agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, featuring the "Tangible Rewards" :30 TV/online spot directed by Cap Gun Collective's director duo Spooner/Bonde. The new spot can be viewed on U.S. Bank's YouTube Channel (http://youtube.com/usbank), and it will also appear on targeted TV and cable outlets in 32 cities over the weeks ahead.
Back in 2012, Cap Gun Collective's principals made a major push to add extremely talented directors to their roster, especially those who had achieved success in the realm of original content production. According to executive producer Matt Abramson, Cap Gun's goals are to attract A-list work in the advertising space while also expanding Cap Gun TV, the firm's hybrid production studio now under the leadership of veteran TV production executive Bill Hamm, which is developing, producing and marketing original content for multiple platforms. The Spooner/Bonde duo comprised of Michael Spooner and Simon Bonde is one of the company's new additions, and this work for U.S. Bank is their first commercial assignment under Cap Gun's banner.
"We received a great board from the team at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, and during a conference call, they asked us for our ideas about how best to execute and expand it," Spooner began. "It felt very collaborative right from the start, with everyone focusing on showing how U.S. Bank rewards people for making smart decisions and saving money. The solid script allowed us to focus our energy on optimizing and adding little ideas, like ‘Calypso Granny' getting busy on the steel drums."
The directors filmed the project in Chicago using all local talents. "Obviously this city is very well known for its improv comedy theatre, and we had a very rich talent pool to draw from," added Bonde.
For the agency, credit goes to creative director Tom Coates, copywriter Eric Liebhauser, art director Dennis Remsing and producer Stacy McClain. Along with Matt Abramson and Jason Botkin as executive producers, Cap Gun's credits also include director of photography Joe Zizzo and line producer Pat Fischer. Editing was handled by Eddie Ringer of Cleaver SF, music is courtesy of Sonixphere and composer Greg Allen, and Joaby Deal of One Union Recording provided the final mix.
Developers of "P.I.S." which earned fame as "the world's first mockumentary series" after airing on TV2-Zulu in 2000, Spooner/Bonde launched their career in advertising with spots for Toyota. After focusing on commercials and music videos for many years, they returned to television in 2009 with the DR2 dramedy "Man With The Golden Ears," an award-winning show about a record executive struggling to survive in the dying music industry. Now represented by CAA, Spooner/Bonde has had much success with AMC and other major entertainment industry entities around "Man With The Golden Ears," and the series is now being developed in the U.K.
To learn more about U.S. Bank, please visit http://usbank.com. 
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