Melissa’s path to commercial directing was paved by her genius for coaxing natural, genuine performances out of every type of talent imaginable. From celebrities to traditional actors, standup comedians to improv players—you name it, she’s made them shine. Her background in photography also inspires her to harness her cast’s performances in bold, fresh compositions rather than settling for the visually expected. Mix those rare skills with her wizardry for crafting subtle situational comedy, and it’s no wonder Melissa’s work always feels like a true original. Code Film Executive Producer, Thomas Rickert, is excited to show Canadian agencies Melissa's clever direction of situational talent driven comedy spots. "There is smartness and nothing middle ground with Melissa's comedy spots," he says. "Agencies and clients will love both her and her work,"

Some of Melissa's greatest commercial hits to date include campaigns for Starz/DIRECTV, McDonald’s, Universal, The Cooking Channel, United Way, BET, Genworth Financial, Motorola, and Tuborg Beer. Her accolades include an Emmy nomination for her Nickelodeon work, as well as awards from the Art Director's Club, D&AD, PromaxBDA, RESfest, and TELLY. And her (very) recent long-format projects include All Over It, a digital comedy series co-created and co-directed with fellow MTV alum Ted Pauly, which follows a creative team’s misguided attempts to sell their artistic collaboration without any sense of what their “brand” actually is. 

Melissa Silverman earned her directorial stripes in the one-of-a-kind pop culture laboratory that is MTV On-Air Promos. There, she matured into a one-woman creative dynamo by single-handedly conceptualizing, writing, and directing a slew of award-winning campaigns, including promos for the VMAs and collaborations with Madonna, Conan O'Brien, Donald Trump, the Foo Fighters, Terrence Howard, and Taraji P. Henson, among many others. (We’d mention them all, but we feel like we’re on the verge of name-dropper territory already.) 

Code Film is happy to bring Melissa Silverman's talent to Canada.

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