New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega’s Emmy Award-winning Director Haley Geffen, co-wrote, directed and produced a series of documentary shorts chronicling the origins of the top game-changing ideas of the last 85 years to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Bloomberg BusinessWeek in the broadcast special, “The Great Disrupters: A Bloomberg BusinessWeek Anniversary Special.” Geffen directed three of the shorts in addition to overseeing the development of the entire series, including four additional shorts. Bloomberg BusinessWeek curated 85 moments to live on their website and print issue, with a selection of seven particularly pivotal moments to comprise the one-hour broadcast special that aired on BloombergTV on December 9th.

Geffen directed the pieces for the renaissance of video games of Atari, the coffee revolution of Starbucks and the economy-shifting napkin of the Laffer Curve. Bodega director Mark Littman also traveled to New Delhi, India to direct the short on The Poverty Action Lab that zooms in on a pioneering viewpoint on the way economists approach development issues. Additional shorts on Super Bowl Ads, the Apple Computer and Cable News were directed by Lisy.

“I found the stories completely fascinating because you’re listening to people that legitimately changed the world,” notes Geffen. “When you hear the thought process behind these big ideas and put it in relation to the impact that these concepts had, it’s truly mind blowing.”

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