The principals of creative agency ENVOY are very proud to announce their role as partners and digital agency of record for Blossom.  Blossom is the Irvine-based company behind the smart water controller of the same name which launched a pre-order campaign on 18 November.  After meeting its initial U.S. $30,000 fundraising goal in less than 24 hours (averaging over $1,000 per hour for the first 24 hours), the campaign continues collecting pre-orders and raising additional funds for the privately held company.
Last year, Blossom's co-founder and CEO Manrique Brenes was introduced to ENVOY's creative director and partner Ryan Rommelfanger and his colleagues, and a working partnership was formed to support Blossom as it prepared to launch its first product.  Envoy was enlisted to provide input and support on branding (industrial design, packaging, messaging, user experience, etc.) and key product launch plans and activities, including Blossom's Kickstarter campaign.
"It's fair to say that the outstanding creative talents at ENVOY have already had a big impact on Blossom at this early stage," noted Brenes.  "They have helped us with our product design, brand development strategy, and digital development - including our apps and marketing materials.  We are big fans of ENVOY, and their investments and contributions have been very valuable to Blossom.  We look forward to continuing our successful relationship together."
Building on its groundbreaking work for Amazon, VIZIO, VSN Mobil and many other innovative companies - including several venture-based startups - ENVOY has set itself apart with its maker culture, its focus on digital and smart products, and a talented staff known for cutting-edge innovation and creativity. 
"From the beginning, we were attracted by the opportunity to help build a brand around a product that was easy to use, beautifully designed and engineered to make a difference," Rommelfanger began.  "Blossom's brand personality has come to life right here in our offices, and it truly represents everything we have to offer.  Brand building takes a lot of passion, and our team is thrilled with the opportunities and the progress we have made so far partnering with Manrique and the Blossom team."
Blossom's Kickstarter campaign will remain active through 17 December, and its first products are due to ship in January.  To learn more please visit
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About Blossom
Headquartered in Irvine, California, the team behind Blossom has created a smart water controller that cuts utility bills and saves water. Blossom uses the power of cloud computing and real time weather data to optimize the irrigation schedule used to manage existing sprinklers. Blossom also gives users easy access to control the watering of their garden from their smart phone, tablet or computer. With 75 prior patent filings between them, and backing from companies such as Vizio, Accton and ENVOY, Blossom's founders are on a mission to leverage their experience in consumer electronics, water resources, networking and hardware to deliver products that make a difference.