biscuit filmworks directors delivered some of this year’s most memorable Super Bowl commercials, for both returning brands and first time Super Bowl advertisers. Matt Dilmore directed “First Draft Ever” via GSD&M for Avocados from Mexico, Noam Murro directed “Boston Tea Party” for Turbo Tax via Wieden + Kennedy, Christopher Riggert directed “All-Powerless” for Mophie via Deutsch LA and Aaron Stoller directed “Because Burrito!” and “Wrong Order” for GrubHub via Barton F. Graf 9000, along with “Spa”, “K9” and “Jury” for Comcast via Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Super Bowl XLIX, broadcast by NBC, reached more than 100 million viewers on TV and online.

Avocados from Mexico went topical with “First Draft Ever,” directed by Matt Dilmore. The spot presents the ‘first draft ever’ with each country choosing indigenous animals and plants as their respective draft picks, featuring commentary by Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie. Almost every animal featured in the spot is real – including the lion, which aptly marked its territory the second its feet hit the soundstage. In total 16 animals were filmed over a two-day shoot.

Noam Murro’s “Boston Tea Party” for Turbo Tax capitalizes on the presence of the New England Patriots in the big game with its Boston Tea Party-inspired spot. The spots presents a comedic take on the Boston Tea Party, and ponders what the outcome of this historic event would have looked like if filing taxes was free.

“All-Powerless” for Mophie, directed by Christopher Riggert, offers a tongue-in-cheek glimpse at the end of days, spurred by God’s cell phone battery running out of juice. The action-packed shoot featured real hyenas and an explosive ‘burning bush’ that was an actual dead tree filled with fuel and exploded on set.

In “Because Burrito!” and “Wrong Order” for GrubHub, both directed by Aaron Stoller, customers avoid food delivery errors thanks to GrubHub’s online ordering service. While no food was harmed in the making of “Because Burrito!”, many innocent people on set were bitch-slapped by flying burritos; the spot has already amassed well over 1 million views on YouTube. Stoller also directed “K9”, “Spa” and “Jury”, for a campaign promoting Comcast’s Xfinity service.

“We love the diversity of the Super Bowl work this year; we have spots for first time advertisers, and some really funny, phenomenal creative in the mix,” said Shawn Lacy, managing director, biscuit filmworks. “We’re very proud of this year’s work and loved seeing these spots—along with the platters of wings and seven layer dip—during the game.”

About biscuit
biscuit filmworks is a Los Angeles-based commercial production company founded in 2000 by director Noam Murro and managing director Shawn Lacy. Directors on the biscuit roster include Andreas Nilsson, Aaron Ruell, Aaron Stoller, Bruce St. Clair, Christopher Riggert, Clay Weiner, Jeff Low, Matt Dilmore, Noam Murro, Steve Rogers, The Glue Society (Gary Freedman) and The Freise Brothers.