Big Block directorial duo Josh + Vince directed “The Ultimate Driving Challenge,” a humorous Mother’s Day tribute for Ford crafted by agency Team Detroit. Ford is highly engaged with its community of Ford owners; Ford’s social media is rich with stories and photos that resemble generations of family albums.

The concept for this year’s Mother’s Day tribute came from Team Detroit with the idea that moms are the best drivers and that Ford builds cars that are up for any challenge. The “Day in the Life” themed video proves that from snack time to playtime, the mother of all driving challenges is something to be reckoned with. Josh + Vince were tapped to direct because of their long track record of eliciting witty and organic reactions from everyday people.

Shot at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, unsuspecting (non-mom) drivers are asked “Are you ready for the Ford Ultimate Driving Challenge?” Believing that they are about to test-drive a Ford Escape, the drivers are shocked to encounter the real challenge: a backseat full of unruly kids and a sobbing toddler. The obstacle course is made even more difficult with the addition of a five-point harness car seat, pee breaks, dropped ice cream cones and a stealth attack of silly string.

Other highly relatable challenges come in the form of loading groceries, toys and a stroller, as well as obeying the commands of a crossing guard, all accompanied by ear-splitting commentary and critique from the kids.

Ultimately, the relieved and frazzled drivers come to appreciate what moms, the true ultimate drivers, face on a daily basis and ruefully acknowledge what they put their own mothers through.

Josh + Vince chose a mixed media approach, with a combination of high quality hidden cameras, GoPros and lipstick cams that produced a wealth of authentic and organic footage. Multiple angles also provided a wide range of options for editorial company Cutters to create an energetic, rapid rate video. 

Said Adam Burkett, Associate Creative Director at Team Detroit “What happens when you swap screaming straightaways for screaming children? You come to appreciate what moms go through. Every day.”

Josh + Vince said “We're really excited to share “The Ultimate Driving Challenge” video with all the great parents out there. Like our moms. We definitely kicked the back of their seats and screamed for ice cream on more than one occasion. Sorry about that.”

Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone are an award-winning directing duo that began their careers pioneering comedic viral videos over twelve years ago. They were part of the founding team for CollegeHumor’s original content department, directing over 2,000 videos in the 6+ years they served as in-house directors. The work that they have written, directed, shot and produced averages a combined 15,000,000 views every month. Their comedic shorts, commercials and music videos have amassed a combined total viewership of well over 2 billion.

They have collaborated with ad agencies Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, BBDO, Havas, The Via Agency, Concept Farm, Leo Burnett and a myriad of others, creating original content for such brands as Budweiser, BBC, Blackberry, Verizon, Trojan, Sobe, Kellogg’s, Banana Boat, Tribeca Films, MTV, CBS, Nintendo, Time Warner, Vitamin Water, Durex and many others.

Josh + Vince, who have spoken at SXSW, Vimeo Festival + Awards and the very first CBGB Film Festival, are the creative team behind Vogue's Paris Fashion Week Runway sketch starring Ben Stiller and Anna Wintour, as part of the Zoolander 2 announcement.

Josh + Vince directed Strong Island, one of the first comedy series to emerge from Comedy Central’s digital platform, CC Studios. They recently directed a video for Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg’s gun violence prevention lobby. In the clip, children quote lines originally delivered by National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.

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