BaseCamp Entertainment, a New York-based directing collective, has launched sister production company International Production Services (IPS), which specializes in shoots in Puerto Rico and soon in Cuba, as well as New York, Miami, Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Conceived to help mobile and international production companies and producers prepare for U.S. shoots, IPS will offer turnkey production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions. IPS recently wrapped its first project Celia, a television series about the life of legendary Cuban singer Celia Cruz, for Fox International and Telemundo.

“International clients need more resources to assemble a smooth, successful U.S. shoot, and with IPS, we can make that dream come true,” says Mary “Pepper” Pimienta, Executive Producer and Founder of BaseCamp Entertainment and IPS. “We come from the stance that anything is possible, so we ask clients, ‘What is your biggest challenge?’ Rest assured we’ll do our best to solve it!”

With established Latin and South American clients, including television networks Fox International in Argentina and Colombia, and RCN Televisión in Latin America for such series as El Capo and Bride at 40, Pimienta says clients, production companies, networks and independent directors have increasingly inquired about production support and resources in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. And with Puerto Rico’s recent financial situation, it has become a viable option for filmmakers looking to shoot in a tropical location, bringing much-needed dollars to the region while offering tax credits that exceeded $16 million so far this year.

In one such instance, a client was scouting locations that could double as Cuba, as the U.S.-Cuba relations were not yet opened. Because of Cuban-born Pimienta and her team’s production knowledge, IPS presented different locales in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico as possible options due to their similarity with 20th century Cuba. Once the client agreed, IPS developed a strategy that aligned with both scheduling and budget demands.

“Puerto Rico’s film incentive is the most aggressive of its kind in the world, and location-wise it has immense potential,” says Pimienta. “While we work in an international market, shooting within a U.S. territory is still much more effective and smooth when it comes to transactions, costs, and access to equipment and top-notch bilingual crew and talent.”

The IPS model is also designed to support domestic productions seeking support in metro New York, Miami and Los Angeles. IPS will coordinate domestic tax incentives, offering strategic counseling to ensure productions choose the right jurisdiction for their project to maximize their return on investment.

“We’re well-versed in film incentives and production logistics, but more importantly, we’re passionate about creative filmmaking, which means we can find the best solutions for every client’s needs and budget,” concludes Pimienta.

About BaseCamp Entertainment
BaseCamp Entertainment is an established fully minority-owned production company structured to handle projects of any size, from PSAs to cross-market national campaigns.

About International Production Services LLC
IPS provides production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions, supporting out-of-town and international productions on their shoots in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and throughout the United States.